Friday, March 28, 2014

Quilts my mom has made

A few are ones that I have made but the majority are ones she did from a kit or designed herself. Her favorite combination of colors is yellow and blue together. If you got or bought-she didn't sell many, of her quilts chances are they had a yellow/blue square in there.  I know when she left us she was working on several and I hope to finish them up someday if they are given to me.
Besides her quilting not many knew of all her volunteer work over the years: warm up America, caps to the capital, Newport Hospital, Navy Marine Relief Corps,  Lucy's Hearth Woman's Shelter, Potter Animal shelter and other animal shelters across the bay,  Forest Farm Nursing Home, Sweaters for Africa, St. Michaels in Bristol making prayer shawls to name a few. She received many awards and accolades over the years. Always loved helping others and traveling to new places.

She liked the 'just me' design the best.

Joan and Gail July 25, 2009 Moms 75th birthday party

Gail's quilt she made

Family signed album squares

Just Me Quilts

Christmas Peppermint Candy Quilt

Wing and a Prayer

Display at  Portsmouth Town Hall, she made center Prudence Island Lighthouse square

Prudence Island Light house square

Quillows for Lucy's Heath Woman's Shelter

  PI Quilt given to Patrick Kennedy for his help

Billie Jean Rice's quilt Mom finished

cathedral window-all hand sewn

crochet Christmas stocking that she'd make for all the grandchildren.

Hundreds more toppers and thousands of potholders over the years that she'd sell at the Prudence Island Craft show in the summer and sometimes in the fall.

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