Monday, March 31, 2014

Books read March 31

Tequila Assassin: Malinalli Way by Greg Prosmushkin
Details are so descriptive I can picture the scenes that are laid out in front of us.
Like a book that makes me think and actually look up things talked about that I need to understand more about.
Like this book for the action, the drug and war scenes and how it all comes into play.
Enjoy all the travel and places that are local as I learn about them as I will probably not ever visit them.
I rarely read a book written by a man as I mostly read romance books so the point of view is refreshing.
When Jack Fleming gets caught doing a job the tables turn on him and he has a choice which he decides to join their forces to rid the cartel of the world.
Like how conversations go sometimes in a foreign language but the meaning in English is also given not leaving me out in the dark. Love hearing of the technology of how they are able to track him as he does his jobs.
When he is captured and brutally tortured there are glimpses back to when he was saved fighting in the war. Very strong swearing but it's needed for the story to place you there.
Love the plan of how to turn the 'event' around and who he encounters to help him-kinda like the A Team TV show, I love it when a plan comes together... So fascinating learning about all the internal workings of all the agencies and groups.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

 On The Outside by Diana Green
This book is about Orla and how Wendell has followed her around. They are able to escape capture but when confronted she phases into a creature that kills the ones that are after her.
They are able to spend a night around a fire where another takes care of them by feeding them and protecting them but the next day they all travel for their rations. This book reminds me of survival skills that we see on a TV show called Revolution.
A struggle occurs and she has to phase out of harms way and then she meets up with a band of smugglers. They take her in and she agrees to help serve them and they teach her everything she needs to know to further her skills. There are many
who she takes a romantic look at and she wonders where it will lead her....then she learns a secret and she gets to choose her future.
Enjoyed this book for a few things. It is very short by my standards and I like a little more character interaction but it's a good starting point. Bit of romance and sex at the very end.
I'd enjoy reading the next book if this was to be a series as there is potential for that. Found a few missing words in various spots and punctuation that needs to be corrected but a copy editor could correct these easily.
I received this book from Prism Awards in exchange for my honest review. 

The Devil in Midwinter by Elise Forier Edie
Loved the story mixed in with Mexican legends and how it relates to what Esmeralda Ulloa experiences when she starts seeing the man all in black. Similar descriptions were taught to her in her dreams, some she remembers, some she can't.
Justin Coulter owns an apple orchard and was interviewed by her and her boss Annie who runs the small town local paper. Esme is the photographer and he turns the camera on her. She sets up an appointment with her uncle and they both get along like old time friends.
There are many clues along the way and loved hearing all of the ones about the apples. Things get strange when her uncle trashes her house looking for it, but nobody knows what 'it' is....
Annie helps her with lost memories and the Christian legends come into play also....  Heirloom trees fascinated ame immensely.  Bit of light romance towards the end.
When her family is stolen she has a few choices but which will she choose? Found a few missing words in various spots in this book that a copy editor could correct easily.
I received this book from Prism Awards in exchange for my honest review.
I only read the first book in this trilogy as that was all that was required.

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