Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Books read May 21

Wish by Jake Smith
Wanted to read this book because it's about baseball and I miss the journey and dreams.
This one is about a boy, Aaron who's no longer in remission. His dad, James has grown up playing baseball and is now a coach. Young daughter Lizzie and wife Emily are all surrounding Aaron at the hospital where they are able to live while he goes through his tests, chemo and hopefully more bone marrow transplants.
Aaron immerses himself in baseball, stats-I love stats! To me it's his way of not forgetting his ordeal but coping with it that takes him away from the limelight to lose himself in. He gets a visit from a pro ball player and they get in-depth about the game and stats.
Follows everyday life things that occur, praying to God and how each of them copes with their new routines.
Love gift Aaron is able to give to his dad with the help of the ball player...makes you sad he had to give up his dream long ago..What a treat for me as never having gone to a ballpark. all behind the scenes are now open.
After I learned what the wish really was i had to close the book, put it down and stop crying, so happy for them all...things like this just don't happen to regular people...
X read! Love it when everybody comes together for a good cause.
I received this book from Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.

Hot Shots by Anne March, Lynn LaFleur
I wanted to read this book because it's about firemen and I love learning how they do their job, the location and because there are three different authors, one that I'm familiar with. I usually end up liking and reading the other author's works. I hadn't planned on more such hot steamy sex scenes than the main theme: firefighters.

Fired Up By Anne March
Hannah Green is at her watch tower in the Sequoia National Forest and during a lightening storm she loses the radio. Cole is the Cajun firefighter who comes the next day to replace her radio. They share many a night talking to one another, sexually and playing out roles to get the other to orgasm.
Adult language and scenes.  Are they going to get to play out their fantasies that they've told each other of over the radio on their private channel? Wish there had been more of a storyline, rather than a lot of sex.
Sizzle by Lynn LaFleur
Maysen Halliday runs Hot Shots magazine and is the photographer. She's on assignment in a small town in Texas. Clay Spenser is the town's fire chief and he doesn't like the idea of the publicity for his fire department.
The volunteers are to meet Maysen at the station and she can take their beefy photos. She plans to also highlight female firefighters in a special article.
Clay avoids Maysen claiming he's too busy with others to meet for meals. She meets up with the woman firefighters and learns Clay didn't go out of town and gets the directions to his house and she gets the tour along with a change of mind from Clay.
Things really heat up... Now to convince them to pose for the calendar and others would buy it, thus giving them money for the new tanker they need. Hot steamy sex scenes.
Five-Alarm Masquerade by Stacey Kennedy
Abby Hill watches her bedroom burn where the only family photos left were located. The fireman consoles her and she stays with her friend Sierra.
An invite to a five alarm masquerade arrives with instructions on what you can and can't do-bit on the kinky side and like a 'swinger's get together'.
Gavin Morgan can't get her out of his head and lets her know, both disguised at the event.  Very steamy sex scenes.
Excerpt from Smokin' Hot is included at the end.
 I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

Bittersweet Rain
Caroline loves Roscoe, the older man rather than the son who's her age. The step daughter is 5 years younger than her but her mind is that of a child.
Rink, the son, has always stated he'd take care of Laura Jane. She doesn't understand why he doesn't live with them.
The raising of the thoroughbreds is an industry that Roscoe loved. Others now run it for him and Laura Jane shows love interest in the manage, Steve.
She and Rink had been together in their younger days, but Rink got another girl pregnant.
Story goes back in time and we learn just how close they were... Like how all the different confrontations with those involved are handled. Interesting to learn how Roscoe manipulated all their lives. Lots of surprises from all around after the death.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

This Matter of Marriage by Debbie Macomber
Hallie McCathy is now 30 and ready for a family. She has set one year to meet the right man to marry.
Steve Marris lives next door and he has an ex wife. They become friends and she tells him of her mishaps with dates.
Hilarious escapades of the dates and throw in Steve's daughter and son who visits on weekends who wants a mother for her dad...
He wants to reunite with his wife and hopes she will reconsider.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Passion's Promise by Danielle Steel
Lots of action and different lifestyles. Some are together as just friends, but dedicated friends and they see others. he other males, her other males.
She is a heiress and hides that. She hides her identity with 5 different aliases,  by writing columns and only a handful know who she is. She takes the assignment to interview Lucas-he's out of prison now but the CA dept could put him back.
He's on a goal to fix the prison system and aided those on the inside to form a union of sorts to get their rights. Now that he's on the outside he can do more...
Unthinkable things happen and you wonder if their love for one another will last....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Secret Dinosaur #3: Jurassic Adventure (The Dinotek Adventure) by N.S. Blackman
Illustrated colorful children's book about mechanical working dinosaurs of years past.
Marlin has gone to live with them once they've escaped to the mountain. They learn new things about one another.
What I like about this book in the series is it teaches you to adapt to your surroundings and to use the barter system to survive. Remember the golden rules!
Love how the things that happened in the past fix the present so there is a future.
I received this gift from the author in exchange for my honest review

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