Monday, May 26, 2014

Books read May 26

Turner's Point by Gordon Osmond
I wanted to read this book for many reasons: the travel and the time the mother and son get to spend with one another-to make amends.
Brockways, ex husband and wife find others and the son Kyle has come out. It's easy to keep track of the characters as most of them were in relationships with a family member at one time.
Love the travel but wish more details were described. Love when Eileen takes over the kitchen to make an omelet-priceless!
Journey started in Ohio, then to the west coast for not only a graduation but a marriage. Then mom and son travel back to Ohio-the long way. Love the time they get to spend on the road and realize their dreams out loud.
Adult language. The story also follows Tasha who stars in the soap opera that she and Greg are rehearsing for. Kirk detains them...he's been a fan of theirs for years...
Erin and Dan at the new law firm...and new clients. Didn't find sex scenes with males all that interesting-out of my comfort zone.
Loved how the name of this book relates to the story and how it all came about.
Story also follows Duncan, director of plays in Ohio and he proposes a play to Kyle and Eileen.
Found on many pages a sentence would go longer than a page and I'd lose my train of thought along the way.... enjoyed all the memories of shows and plays mentioned.
Also includes summaries of publishing book club offers, summaries of free ebooks, etc
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Dance of the Dandelion
This book takes place in the 1300's. Dandy has grown up in a village and befriends William and Tim. They make a pact and are known as Maid Marian, Little John and Robin Hood.
Dandy cares of Richard and is glad to be his friend. She is considering some dark thoughts and she falls and is saved by a knight. Gus she calls him rescues her and tends to her wounds and brings her to his part of the castle, the tower.
They wed even though her parents don't care for the union. As she becomes friends with those who live in the castle because of her sewing skills she also learns of Gus's past from his poetry in the book and of things others have told her of him.
What I really like about this book is the words, some are in Latin and it's fun to look them up. I did read Latin when I was very young as my older brother was studying it for a semester.
Her path leads her to many different relationships over the years...lots of religion, quotes from the Bible. She seeks guidance from God and gets her answers.
I received this book from a contest.

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