Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love with A Perfect Cowboy book review


Love with a Perfect Cowboy by Lori Wilde
Have enjoyed the other books in this series and knew I'd love this one.
What I really like about this series/book is the new words I learn. I am continually jumping up to go to my pc and load up the dictionary to find out what the words mean.
I also do not want a book with 3/4 of it is back story. This book is all brand new things with just a touch of the older things that occurred.
Melody a big ad campaign job in NY City has just been fired and her world known famous photographer boyfriend has dumped her. On the way leaving the complex she runs into Luke from her hometown of Cupid, TX. What the heck is he doing in NYC?
They do share a meal and so much more later when he tells her of what's going on with the town and asks her for help. She confides in him what the latest in her life.
Hometown life and there are many secrets. The family feud that has lasted hundreds of years is in force still. You do not cross into enemy territory but stay true to your family.
She devises many projects that might help the town recover from it's financial loss due to lack of rain. Loved hearing of the different festivals they sound like SO much fun.
Luke, the mayor uncovers a secret that holds all the plans together and he confronts her about it. Nothing seems to be going right but their steamy sex scenes which nobody can ever find out about.
You wonder if the feud will ever end.... sad this is the last in the series, but i'm happy to learn it's not going to continue into 20 where 3/4 of each book is the back story-unlike Lori's books.
Also loved the travel, parts I may never see for myself in my lifetime and being able to catch up with the others in the community.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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