Tuesday, May 27, 2014

books read may 27

Plum Island by Nelson DeMille
This novel is about John Corey who's recuperating on the beach and gets a call to help investigate.
The bio chemical animal testing island, Plum Island is the main focus. There are a couple, scientists, that had been murdered who worked there.
Love all the clues he finds that don't add up when touring the island with the officials.
Like how he talks and then tells you what's on his mind. Gives an insight to what's going on. Love the connection between Captain Kidd and the sex scenes and the investigation.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Cooking with Apples
Book starts out with not only the history of apples but many other facts, also how healthy they are. Liked the part about the different types and what they are each really good to bake with.
30 recipes of appetizers, dips,  soups and salads, meat toppings and desserts.
No nutritional information and no pictures of the finished dish.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end of the book.

No Bake Recipes for Kids (Cooking with Kids Series
Author believes if you start the child out young helping out in the kitchen they will continue to do so. good believe, everybody should learn their way around the kitchen.
Starts out talking about healthy food groups and how many servings each age group should be eating daily.
Next up is safety around the ktichen.  Few pictures but many recipes with directions easy to follow and easy to prepare.
Some recipes tell you how many it will serve. There is no nutrtional information.
More books in the cooking with kids series are highlighted at the end of the book.

SOUTH MOUTH BBQ RECIPES: Food so good that if you put it on top of your head, your tongue will beat your brains out tryin' to get to it
This book offers a free ebook link.
Basic recipe is about what I use to make Boston baked beans from scratch so I know how nutritious the ingredients are along with the good taste.
Liked the stories that go along with how the recipes came about.
Pictures and no nutritional information. Directions also come with tips on how to make the meal even better.
Love the use of SO many spices. Includes hillbilly wisdom and other works by the author at the end. Loved the black tooth dessert, priceless!

FAVORITE RECIPES: A Collection of Easy & Delicious Recipes from Best Selling Authors Jean LeGrand, R. Scott Frothingham & Cooter Brown
Each recipe has it's own page which includes not only a picture but some come with a paragraph or two about the recipe. Each one comes from another book so this is
a good collection from all over. Loved the ideas of the meal muffins, and things made in a mug and breakfast breads. directions don't seem to be too complicated and can't wait to try a few.
No nutrtional information.

The Lucky Little Labrador Goes to School -- A Chapter Book With Pictures! Ages 6-10 (Little Readers #4)
Children's book where Lucky the Labrador lives with Kevin and his family and they try to train him and discipline him.
Book starts out with the meanings of some of the difficult words used in the story.
Nine chapters that start out with Lucky and his adventures in the backyard that land him in trouble, with not only Kevin but his mother.
Obedience school should cure him of getting into trouble and the next day he starts...
Love how they all have to pitch in to make it all work. More books by the author are highlighted at the end.

What Kind Of OWL Are You? (Who Do You Choose To Be?)
Colorful children's book asking about what kind of owl you would be and showing you pictures of jobs of others.
Each page tells of the different job duties. Free gifts are offered in this book.

ABC Come Play With Me: A Picture Alphabet Book for Young Children
Very colorful children's book showing the alphabet. Not only a common item is the picture on each page but silly things that also begin with the same letter that is being highlighted.
A free book by the same is also available.  Love the ending page which shows all the letters along with the item they represent.

Mexican Cookbook: Easy & Delicious Recipes Everyone Will Love
Mexican cooking at its best. Top recipes with instructions on how to make them. There is no nutritional information.
Pictures for each recipe with a little bit about them and then the directions on how to make them along with a serving size.
Loved learning about the scoring system on the hot peppers.
Index at the back of the book not only shows the picture of them and a spice, where applicable, but the heat index as well.

Children's Fish Book+ E-Video: Joey and the Net (Adventure & Education series for ages 3-10) (Animal Habitats & Environment children's books collection) [Kindle Edition]: Educational Book series
Colorful children's book about a fish. The type of fish we learn about the history from long ago to present day, Lake Mead.
The fish carried her young in her mouth but she lost Joey in her travels.  A fishing boat is nearby and she fears they will capture Joey. The mother fish teaches all 29 fishes of the dangers of the lake, even Joey.
She gets caught one day and the baby fish all swim away and Joey has a plan to save his mother with the help of his 29 other brothers and sisters.

The Adventures of Blue the Very Happy Dog; Blue Gets His Magic Collar (Childrens dog books and short bedtime stories for kids) (The Adventures of Blue Series.)
Illustrated colorful children's book about a happy dog, blue. He lives with a family and is so well behaved he is allowed to go outside by himself every day.
He finds many adventures on his trips outside the gate as we learn...The family buys him a new sparkly magic blue collar and he finds out what it can do...
Many other animals are greeted and we find out what they can do. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Fruit Infusion: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters
Colorful book about healthy drinks. Book starts out with why water is important and what benefits the different fruits and vegetables have mixed in with the drinks.
Directions follow on how to prepare them.
One section specifically for metabolism boost is next.
Another section is called workout with hints on what to put in your bottle while exercising.
A section on remedies will help you feel better also...And bedtime drinks, ice cubes and using carbonated soda.
There are so many combinations but I also loved hearing of what they can help improve your ailments without drugs.

Little Grey Bunny: Children's Picture Book (Bedtime stories for children)
Illustrated very colorful children's book about a box of bunnies and one day people come to the pet store to get a bunny of their own.
Most of them are white but there is one grey bunny who feels very special because of it's color. Nobody takes him and the owner carries him in the box when the store closes.
A storm outside and the man forgets about the box and the bunny is on his own......
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end of the book.

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