Thursday, August 14, 2014

Books read Aug 14

Nothing More Beautiful by Lorelai LaBelle
I had read and posted my review for the first 20% of the book prior to this review-now that I have the full version.
This is a story about 2 women who live in the same apartment. One is lesbian and she's best friends with a straight woman-Maci.
After her breakups with some guys they get down to the problem and that she needs to experiment and between her and the co owner of the bakery she runs she sets up an online profile for a Portland, OR dating site.
The woman help her pick out clothes and give her other tips and they are quite taken aback when she returns and tells them of the dates. They can't believe it, but can as they push her onward to the next candidate.
Lots of adult situations but nothing offensive (to me).
Love Hood to Coast race and the events that lead up to the event.
Easy to keep track of the main characters. Very descriptive details, makes me feel like I am right there.
Full book review:  Now that I'm into 1/2 of the book things have heightened up in pace and the hunt for Mr. Right. Even after many nights dating those sight unseen Maci does meet the man who her and her roommates car had collided with and have hit it off.
What I especially liked about this section is the openness and how they are able to discuss the most intimate of details and come to mutual conclusions in their drive to satisfy each other.  Interesting what things they write down on their list as I find a few of my own listed.
Sex described is erotic and so very detailed. Some of it made me feel uncomfortable.
Surprises came with the abduction and the travel, snorkeling, nature and what money can buy...
So many unexpected twists also puts this book into the mystery/action categories. well rounded read.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

Love Letters by Debbie Macomber
I have read all the other books in this series and enjoy them. Each book brings you up to date so they can also be a stand alone book.
This one continues at the Harbor Rose Inn where Jo Marie runs the B&B and Mark is the handyman. This book is also not only about them and others in town but the guests that have come to stay.
One is to meet a man she met online but her mother is pestering her to be careful. Alternating chapters are also about a couple that need time to mend their marriage.
Each one brings new things to the book, underground tour, Pikes Place Market, sailing, farmer's market and so much more.
Love hearing of the relationships each has and what they must overcome. So many surprises along the way for them all. Letters from the past...
I received this book from early reviewers from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review

The Call of the Wild by Jack London
Had read this in high school and trying to get my husband into reading and he had read White Fang so thought he'd enjoy this one.
Figured we could read along with one another, out loud. Well ok we each read it at our own pace.
Story is about Buck, a dog that is sold and ends up getting beaten and transported to Alaska, the time frame of the Klondike gold rush.
He learns fast when he gets hurt-how to go along with things that are happening so he can heal. When he meets up with the other dogs in the harnesses
he learns again how to survive in the snow-which is new to him. and how to dig a hole to stay warm overnight. Love the tip about sleeping on the leeward side of the wind.
Good instincts as he is thrown into the pack and new territory for them all. Especially liked the travel and was able to follow along as it gave city names and other landmarks.
Lessons learned, the hard way usually for not only the dogs but Buck and his owners, over time.  Loved the scenes where Mercades and her crew lost all their belongings all over the main street.
Laughed so hard and they just didn't get it. Loved also the part where a human comes to the dogs rescue by not letting him get beaten to death.
Lots of action and adventure and travel. Buck gets so lost and battered he falls into a state of mind where he no longer feels the pain. He still has the urge to go with his fellow dogs when he hears them but he wants to stay with the human that saved his life.
Loved the northern lights. Interesting that my husband read his version of this at the same time and we are able to discuss different aspects of what is happening. Will have to find more of this type to read, together.

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