Thursday, August 7, 2014

Books read Aug 7

 The Under Cover Gardening Guide
Love others strategies when it comes to growing your own crops. We just have a small size garden and it produces many things during the summer and fall months for us.
So many solutions that would work to protect from harsh rains, to too much sun to other nature disasters.
Greenhouses are described in detail, all the many types. There are lists of materials you can use and after answering a few questions you will know which will work for you.
So many tips along the way. Very resourceful book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Complete Guide to Pizza
Like this book because it has pictures and tells you about the history of how pizza was created and how to make it yourself, healthy and
then all the other things that you can make to put on top.
Also describes in detail the different styles of pizza and how to make them, step by step, kneading, etc.
Pizza sticks would be my favorite, fast and easy to make.
Bonus recipes at the end even a dessert one! Other cookbooks are highlighted at the end.
 Kindle Publishing To Make $14K+ Per Month & Build Your Own Kindle Empire Without Having To Write One SINGLE Word by Muhammad N. Sikandar
Starts out telling us why Kindle ebooks are doing so well, vs paperback ones. Then it goes into the categories that sell well: romance and cookbooks.
The pictures included (screenshots) are very light, hard to read but with the text you are given the idea of what the author is trying to get across to you.
Keywords are important and there are examples of how to pick the right ones. You can buy everything from the cover, content to having someone format it for kindle at very low prices.
Quite a few tips on just how Amazon has the place but with their tools you are still in control of the price and content.
Long lists of links where you can ask others to review your book, amazon reviewers, facebook groups, etc
Resources quoted are ones that I do frequent being a reviewer and blogger. Don't agree with all the different strategies but I'm not an author earning a living.
Love the idea for $5 to let others list your book for you at the media sites to promote it. So very time consuming.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.
Down Home Cooking: Recipes from the Southern Heart
Easy very detailed description of southern cooking starting with very basic items. Tips along the way but there are no pictures nor any nutritional information.
Each recipe also includes other ingredients that you can add to enhance the flavors.
Cornbread is one we will be trying as we love it among a few others.
Love the story of boiled peanuts, have heard about them, never tasted them or knew how to do them.
Highlights of the authors other works are included at the end.
Autumn Getaway by Jennifer Gracen
Received this book as an early reader via Library Thing. Subject matter interested me, to begin with.
Love that she can get away for not only the wedding of her friend but some downtime as she's finally divorced and her child is with his father for the 3 days. She's at a resort and enjoys a massage with her friend, walk and reading. This sounds like a dream to me as this is what we need after many months of stress, medical problems and life.
This story follows Lydia and her friend Melanie is the one getting married.
Also the book follows Sam Forrester, an artist, web designer and he loves to read. They do meet up several times during this weekend and get to know each other more personally.
Book is written as days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and each day is filled with what each of the two main characters do during the time. Some of the family wants him not to get together with her...
Found the book to be pretty predictable but still a good read. Easy to keep the characters straight.
Such detailed descriptions of not only the fall foliage but all the surroundings that you can picture yourself there, from the massage to the rooms and magnificent New England climate.
Other planned books in this series are highlighted at the end.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

A Monster Stole My Shoe (Book One)(A Funny and Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Rhyming Picture Book For Ages 2-8) (A Monster Stole My Shoe Series 1)
Thought this book sounded so silly, something my grandson would love at bedtime.
Noticed other books by the same author and they looked entertaining as well.
Illustrated very colorful children's book about monsters, under the bed

Nothing More Beautiful by Lorelai LaBelle
Sounded like an interesting book and glad I won a reviewer copy.
Love that it's based in Portland, OR as I like the area. Excited to hear about the Hood to Coast event.
My review copy was only 6 chapters long but what I read was good. Love that the girls help one another out with
dates, clothing and just talking to one another-encouragement to continue on when things are bad.
Loved hearing of the baker's industry. Easy to keep track of the characters and those coming and going.
Would read more from this author in the future. Very detailed descriptions made me feel like I was there. Just one major sex scene and it wasn't over the top to consider it to be erotic.
I received this book from Library Thing via the author in exchange for my honest review.

 Easy Weeknight Dinners: Healthy & Delicious (Guilt Free Gourmet) (Guilt Free Gourmet)
Love checking out cookbooks and this one will be a keeper. It lists all the nutritional information we need for our meals, no second guessing.
The meals are healthy but might take some time to prepare.
Lots of herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients. Includes prep time also.
Many categories of main dishes, and LOTS of stir fry.

 Baby Animals and Mommies
I have read many of the author's other works and enjoyed the read and find them very educational.
This is a colorful, illustrated children's book about animals and their mothers.
Words of encouragement and hope are given to the young ones as the adult shows them things.
Many other works are highlighted at the end.

Take the Dog Out
Illustrated colorful children's book about a dog and how others in the family are busy and can't take them out.
Shows how busy they all are but they plan to take him out after a while. Mishaps occur-there must be someone who can take them out...
A solution happens at the end that makes everyone happy.

Adventures of Jack: The Agent With a Bone to Pick (Adventure Childrens Books) Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by ... (Jack Russell Adventure Series (Volume 1))
Illustrated colorful children's book about Jack, a Jack Russel dog and he's left in charge of the house. To guard it while Mummy goes to the store to get a few things.
He is very bored and starts checking out some things to occupy his time. He ends up in mischief, nothing good can happen...
Other stories of Jack and his adventures are good stories as well. One is how he saves the day by following clues til the mystery is solved.

Landscaping Design: How to Create the Most Beautiful Garden For Your Space, For The Least Amount Of Money And Maintenance
Starts out discussing harmful and poisonous plants that you might want to avoid planting.
Container gardening, right soil, and lots of suggestions depending on the type of yard you have.
Many references for further help.

The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book: Great Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Treats for the Whole Family
Starts out why the author created this book and all the groups available for further help with raising children with allergies.
Lists of ingredients the author has on hand and why particular brands, then onto utensils and equipment.
Next is a listing of substitutions that can be used. Tips to use for putting together parties.
Colorful photos with the recipes. so many categories to choose from. Many substitutions from a regular recipe that can be used for most food allergies.
No nutritional information but from the list of ingredients you can tell the food is very healthy.
Ends with listings of resources available.

Wiggle, Wiggle, Bloop, Bloop
Illustrated very colorful silly rhyming book about animals and some of their features.
Some show doing silly physical things while rhyming with another animal on the next page.
My favorite is the sheep because of my yarn addiction.

Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier by Alinka Rutkowska
Have read one of the author's other books and thoroughly enjoyed it as an educational adventure and knew this one, which I do not know much about would prove to be more of the same.
I have seen pictures of glaciers on shows and in movies but they don't go into the why and how questions. Young children would eat this up for sure.
Explained in detail with very colorful pictures and words that are easy to understand makes this another enjoyable trip for the whole family-without leaving your house.
Glaciers are not around here in the northeast and I love learning about new things.
This trip we find the whole family along and the children are given a tour of the glacier and things are explained to them.
Love how they are able to tell the season by the fireweed flower. So much useful information about bears and salmon also.
Many other books to explore along with Maya & Filippo. Other educational information is at the end of the book along with a quiz so pay attention.
Others works by the author are highlighted at the end of the book.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review via a contest I entered.

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