Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stat summary for books read 2014

 Best book read is Ride to Redemption by DJ WIlson
 over 557 books, 103903 pages read

82  books read in Jan 2014   Ride to Redemption by DJ Wilson
51 books read in Feb 2014
49 books read in Mar 2014   Tequila Assassin: Malinalli Way by Greg Prosmushkin
64 books read in Apr 2014   Maya Banks KGI series-all 9 of them so far
54 books read in May 2014  Heart Shaped Rock by Laura Roppe
30 books read in Jun 2014   Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester
31 books read in Jul 2014   Ride to Restoration is the best, by DJ Wilson
31 books read in Aug 2014 Nothing More Beautiful by Lorelai LaBelle
26 books read in Sep 2014 
32 books read in Oct 2014  The Return by AL Parks
52 books read in Nov 2014 Farewell to Cedar Key by Terri Dulong
55 books read in Dec 2014 A Tree for America  by edd voss

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Michael Draper said...

Wow! That is some reading history. I hope reading so many books doesn't affect a person's eyesight.

Mike Draper

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