Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5 Gooseberry Island book review

Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester
Was excited to learn the author has another book coming out soon. Love the area the book takes places and with his words makes the book a really good read.
There are many islands where I am located and there's nothing like it and the author depicts it with the words he uses.  He will make you feel like you are right there
Enjoyed reading about the airborne infantry and Ft. Benning as my son served there with the same goals in mind. The flying out of perfectly good airplanes brought back memories.
David has left the island to go serve in the war overseas. He had just met Lindsay on the beach one day and they spent his last night together talking and walking on the beach about each other.
Treasure the experience and events David went through as my son has not been able to talk about his ordeal, over there.
Found it hard to put this book down to do my chores, just taking it all in. Painful to hear of Lindsey's father's troubles and what they have to endure.
Love the connection of the lighthouse has to them...race day reminded me of when my daughter was in the parade at the beginning before the race. I can now just imagine her excitement after hearing about it.
They each have things happen that make them realize they can never be happy when he returns, with one another.  Is it possible love can change them both? Detailed descriptions of the scenes and nature all around them are so real the author makes you feel like you are the characters.
Love the paying it forward and how their lives continue on. Other excerpts from the authors other books are included at the end.
I received this book from the author via  Netgalley/The Story Plant in exchange for my honest review.

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