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Books read Dec 16

Day Digital Photography Mastery - Learn To Take Excellent Photos And Become A Master Photographer In 7 Days Or Less (Fast Guide To Learn Photography, ... Master Photographer, Photography)
Starts out with why the book was written and what to expect from digital photography these days.
Talks technically about how the cameras works, depth of field, lighting and how to capture the right moment to take the photo. Other tips are mentioned and there are other excepts from the author of their other works.

Beanstalk Talk: Written by Marie Shelly
Colorful children's rhyming book about a boy who gets some beans from an old man and plants them in the ground.
He is able to climb the beanstalk and the giant is at the top and he's angry his gold egg is missing...
The giant follows him down to show him what he has: the lands are much more than his gold egg he states.

Planets (The Quaint and Quizzical Cosmos)
Colorful children's book that is sometimes hard to read the print because of the dark colors of the page.
This one is about being on Earth and seeing it as a ship where we have oceans, forest and other things.
Talks about the solar system and planets. Use your imagination and discover what is out there.

Bedtime Stories! Old Owl's Fairy Tales for Children: Short Stories Picture Book for Kids about Magical Forest Animals (Bedtime Stories for Kids, Early Readers Books for Ages 4-8 2)
Very colorful children's story about Old Owl and he lives in a magical forest. The stories are about rabbit, bear, donkey, pony, raccoon, giraffe and other animals.
Some of the animals are not used to where they now live, leaves falling etc.

SNOW ALLIGATORS (PICTURE AND RHYME COLLECTION / Ages 4 to 6 (rhyming, bedtime, reading, children, kids, short, stories))
Colorful children's rhyimg book about alligators in the snow.
All 104 children had a cold and although there was no school because of all the snow they were not playing outside because they had a cold.
The rules said they needed to build snowmen or the snow alligators would invade their town.

Dress Up Day
Children's book showing a little girl and it's dress up day as she goes about not only dressing up but other facts about the person she has dressed up.
Favorite is the farmer who she shows what kind of work she'd be doing in the vegetable gardens.
She dreams of other careers when she goes to sleep.

September Sky by John A. Heldt
Have read the previous series by the author and enjoyed the books. This is a new time travel series.
Starts out with Chuck who's lost his reporter job and will be going to collect his son Justin who's left college after 2 years.
On the cruise ship to Mexico they have a lot of time to talk, to figure out what they will each do with their lives.
They attend a lecture and agree to follow through on a commitment to time travel. They take extra things with them and have done research on the area they will travel to and know of hurricanes and other disasters that will fall on the area.
They want to also stop a murder from happening but don't really know who the people are. Love hearing of the scenes as they see them firsthand themselves of the 1900's.
So many differences from what they left behind in 2016. They also know of the time restraints and must come back with proof of certain places.
They are also there to prevent a murder. They think they have altered enough events but they have not and the murder occurrs and now they must find out who the real killer is.
Decisions as to who to bring back to the present time as they each fall in love...liked how the old meets the new and the new meets the old...the impending hurricane that will wipe out the area....
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

Crochet Patterns For Babies (2nd Edition): 41 Adorable Patterns For Baby Hats, Blankets, & Clothes!
Pictures that are clickable don't match up to what they should be.
Cute and useable ideas, car seat blanket, hats for infants with ears.
Very easy instructions and list of materials needed.
Very confusing as there are lots of ads and other things the author wants you to sign up for, in the middle of the patterns.

Tovi the Penguin: goes away for Christmas Kindle
Children's colorful book about Tovi the penguin and they are all going on a holiday.
They wake up to find Santa was not able to find them so there are no presents, not even in their stockings.
They are still able to enjoy the day with a nice dinner and the whole family singing.  When they go back in to pack to leave they find a surprise!

Merry Christmas, Little Hoo!: Volume 3
Colorful children's story about Hoo and he's trying to figure out what the sounds are that he is hearing outside.
He imagines they are Santa's sleigh bells, the reindeer and other Christmas related sounds.
On the next pages it does tell you what the sounds are from...

Children's Books: WHAT'S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER? (Delightfully Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Making Friends and Being ... Ages 2-8) (Happy Children's Series 5)
Story of a duck just walking around til a goose comes up and they collide and get into a discussion about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner: duck or a goose or a turkey?
Funny colorful children's book about how they save one another.  They combine their knowledge of what others really want for Thanksgiving and go see about the pumpkin in the garden...
Author's Christmas story excerpt is also included at the end.

Christmas On Mars
Colorful children's book about spending Christmas on Mars. Not only that but they travel to other planets for other holiday treats.
Mercury for hot chocolate, Pluto for candy canes. After they decorate Mars they fall asleep waiting for Santa.  Love the scavenger hunt type of book.

Twelve Days of Fruitcake
Story of an old woman who's now in senior housing and she bakes fruitcakes and knows her next door neighbor likes them. She doesn't have many friends.
Liked sharing parts of this book.

How to Knit an Infinity Scarf + 9 Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns
Starts out with introduction about the patterns and gives you a list of materials needed and instructions. Each pattern also has
a color photo and a link on the web. Love infinity scarves as I've lost too many long regular scarves just walking around although I've tied them 3 times in knots.
Love that I can put them at the top of my head, cover my ears, twist at the bottom and flip it over my neck and flip it again to make it tighter.
Love that you can use any pattern, any color you may have.

Knitting in the Round: 10 Knit Sock Patterns and Knitted Slipper Patterns
Starts out with links to go see the photos and popup ads to join mailing list. The pictures are there. Instructions and list of materials needed are included along with the photo so I'm not sure why you'd click on the link to see the photos.
Also pictures of knitting new techniques are shown and described on how to do them.
Socks and coverings for all ages. Charts are included with patterns Fair Isle patterns.
Tips along the way to make it
easier for you to use needles.

A FROSTY CHRISTMAS (Children Christmas Books, Bedtime Stories, Early Readers): Christmas Stories, Christmas Jokes, and Christmas Coloring Book for Kids! (Christmas Books for Children)
Free gift from the author. Colorful children's book about how Frosty came about but it goes on to Christmas skating party.
Other stories that also highlight Frosty coming to the rescue.
Also Christmas jokes at the end.

20 Beautiful Christmas Stories for Kids 2-6 (Bedtime Stories for Kids)
Cute colorful children's book about the Christmas season. Silly things like green nosed reindeer and a penguin that wants to be an elf.
Santa's brother the abdominal snowman who they call Bones and thinks it is Halloween.

Prairie night before Christmas  by James Rice
Rhyming story of the night before Christmas for those who live
on the prairie. Cute and surprising comforting.

Grandma Moses, painter of rural America  by Zibby Oneal
Interesting audio book about the painter. Starts out when she was just a girl and didn't realize a lot of things, like birthdays.
Liked memories of my past as well, times outside with friends and family during winter months, on the lake, skating and sledding.
Liked hearing of how she painted the walls in her house when she had no money for house paint.
Loved hearing of how she played with dolls, dressing them and knitting.

Margaret Wise Brown, awakened by the moon by Leonard S.  Marcus
Story about Margaret, her life, her relatives and what interests they had while she grew up.
Different places she visited and lived and books they read and games they played.
Moves onto her adult life also and her book writing. Like stories she's written and the way she uses furry animals.
Loved hearing of her island house and all the struggles with her books, makes you appreciate them a lot more.

Hold me  by Susan Mallery
Have read most of the author's series works and was even on street team til i decided not to give a book 5 stars.
I was dropped and now I read them when I want to.
This book surrounding Fool's Gold is about Destiny Mills. She's part of the search and rescue team.
Her firm had written the program for the computer and she trains those who will be using it, how to use it.
Kipling, an Olympic athlete makes her feel welcome. His career is over since the accident but he runs S&R in FG.
Good to catch up with all the regular residents also. FG is a town where all the major roles are run by women.
Destiny's half sister Star is staying with her since her father's death. She's a teen. Destiny loves music and playing instruments.
They had just met 10 days prior to arriving at FG. Struggles raising a teen and other secrets come to light. Sex scenes and lots of drama.
Typical you know what's gonna happen, they will end together by the end. Unprotected sex, really?

The scam   by Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg
Kate and Nick are on the trail to find others that can't be caught through a regular source.
Travel and more cases come up along with finding out who blew up her father's friends trucks in HI.
Liked hearing about all the technology they use to physically catch the bad guys in the jungle and on the gambling tables.
Others think they need to make the next time and spend more quality time together-in bed.
Like how it ends, didn't see that coming. First book I've ever read from this author.

Losing the moon  by Patti Callahan Henry
Have enjoyed the author's other works. This story starts out with Amy and Phil and they are traveling to visit their son at college and to meet his new girl and her parents.
Amy meets her longtime lover-Nick but he's now married and has a daughter-who her son is in love with.
Story goes to the past and their dating years and back to the present where we are able to learn about their connection.
Things fall apart for all the familys and you wonder if they can ever get back to what they had. Like the parts about preserving the land and what is involved.
Love what title stands for.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Practice makes perfect by Julie James
8 yrs Chicago lawyers and now only one will be promoted. They are paired to work together and the boss will decide.
Payton wants the new position and is willing to work with JD.
JD born to succeed and has everything. Problem is they start to become familiar and physical with one another....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Christmas Secret
Mikey has gone through the store catalogs and he needs to come up one item that he really wants.
Like the traditions about the pickle and giving old toys to charity.

Holiday Baking - Easy Sweet Treat Recipes: Cookies, cakes, pies, squares and bars, barks and brittles, candies, chocolates, appetizers, holiday drinks
Each recipe comes with a color photo,  servings, ingredient list and detailed instructions on how to make the item. There is no nutritional information.
coconut chocolate candy would be my favorite to try, and gingerbread cake.
So many different varieties along with types of cookies, bars, cakes, etc.
Also includes holiday drinks and punches.
Bonus recipes at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Simply Fleece  by Bonnie Scott
This book tells you how to use fleece to make simple easy gifts. Some you have to sew, some you do not.
Pictures of the projects and other drawings showing measurements and how to do certain things. Easy to follow step by step instructions along with list of things you will need.
Hats interest me as they are very versatile.
Items for your pet are also included along with Christmas ornaments.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

My Christmas Soldier by Elizabeth Rose
Lana volunteers at the nursing home at Christmas because she doesn't want to deal with Christmas herself after losing her husband.
With the snow storm and her fast driving she lands in a ditch and walks to the nearest house. Nobody home so she makes a fire and when she wakes the soldier is there,
the one from the snowglobe. The older woman had told her, only shake it if you want magic to happen.
Surprise awaits her when she goes to return the snowglobe the next day... Other works and excerpts are highlighted at the end.

The Twelve Days of Christmas  by Rick Yuzzi
Book starts out with Brett leaving FL to travel to Vegas where he hopes to lose himself for the holidays and all its memories of a happier time.
Before he even leaves FL he sees a pregnant woman with a military shirt on and hears her story and agrees to take her westward as she's going to surprise her mother for this Christmas.
Each day they come across others who are in need of a ride or help and after Grace volunteers them he picks up and offers his help first. He feels good about helping others, he had forgotten that feeling...
Like how after they've each been helped they pay it forward by helping another in need. Sad that so many today are in need to help from all walks of life.
Liked hearing of all the programs out there to help others provide not only food and shelter but gifts for children at Christmas.
Wow didn't see the ending that took place, love how it all ties together!

No Bed for a Crib by Deborah Heal
Book starts out with Robin and she's going over a letter to the editor about the pregnancy center she helps run.
She can't find the time to write a letter to educate the man and others of their circumstances.
The police drop off a woman and her child and she's pregnant. She just wants to have an abortion til she talks to
Birdie who explains and shows her there is a baby in there. She also tells her about the help they can give her after the baby is born.
References to Mary and Joseph when she's about to give birth to her son.
Received this as a gift from the author.

Wrap with Love: Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy  
Wanted to read this to gain insight into anything else that might help at this time of year.
Starts out with the plan: ready, select and wrap and how to go about doing all those things in those categories.
Good sections on if you don't have the money, the time or just not in the spirit of things.
Lots of tech tools to help shop online, shop early and find the perfect gift for the right person.
Like the idea of even personalizing a gift card!

Bone Broth ELIXIR: All Natural, All Healthy and All Renewing: (Bone Broth Power, Improve Your Health,Lose Weight, Bone Broth Diet Recipes
Knew my brother in law always requested the Thanksgiving turkey bones, now I know why.
He made his own broth. Very informative book about health and specific ailments and how to obtain the right bones to make broth.
Some recipes come with a picture and all use fresh ingredients and no nutritional information but it's all pure, healthy.
Great source of information and gives you ideas of how to use different bones for making your own broth. Never thought to use shrimp and crab shells!

Holiday Cakes, Pies, & Cookies
Lots of dessert holiday recipes. There are some drawings, and no nutritional information.
Have made many of these over the years and nothing really stands out as I continue to bake these.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Memoirs of a Snowflake
Love just looking at snowflakes as they fall onto the ground and the light shining through them as they fall.
Interesting take on being a snowflake. It's just as I pictured as it's described.
Author's blog is mentioned.

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