Thursday, December 17, 2015

Books read Dec 17

Checkout Girl: an angel short story
Story of a man who's reliving his last day. He recalls going through the checkout line at the local store. He's short a few pounds and the clerk tells him he can pay next time he comes in. He's a regular.
After he leaves he gets in an accident and she's there to help them as she clutching the doll for her baby girl. It's Christmas eve and because she's short she is fired. He sees all this from above.
He is the angel in their life as she explains to her mother she no longer has a job now....

Best Pancake Recipes: The Ultimate Pancake Recipe Handbook For Kids And Adults (With Photos)    
Colorful cookbook with recipes for pancakes, all varieties. Recipes include pictures, ingredient list and how to cook them.
Healthier pancakes are also highlighted. My favorite to try would be the chocolate ones, never thought about them.
Other countries best pancake recipes are also included.

Children's Books: WHO NEEDS TEETH? (Adorable Rhyming bedtime Story/Picture Book About Caring for Your Teeth, for Beginner Readers, Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's rhyming book about a girl who sees different animals and knows they need teeth or they'd not be able to eat their favorite foods.
She then selects her favorite foods and knows she'd not be able to eat them if she had no teeth.
Good book for promoting a child to take care of their own teeth.
Other works by the author are excerpted at the end.

Homemade Potato Chips :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Hoping to find a healthier chip that we can make. Husband's father used to deep them the chips himself til one night he caught himself on fire.
Although the recipes are easy I think I could substitute the vegetable oil for olive or canola oil and microwave them for a much healthier option.
Each recipe comes with prep and cook time and servings along with ingredient list and how to make them. No nutritional information or pictures.
So many different varieties, not sure I could do the chocolate chips.

Cornbread :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
This cookbook has recipes that feature prep and cook time, servings and ingredient list along with instructions in how to make the item.
No pictures and no nutritional information but I think some substitutions for a healthier option would work.
Lots of different methods for making the bread and varieties.
One as a dessert sounds real good. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Homemade Frosting :The Ultimate Recipe Guide - Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes
Have experimented over the years to find a recipe that will allow me to freeze decorated sugar cookies in the freezer and not have them stick together. I made one up myself and it works. Still interested in other recipes for other foods.
This recipe book comes with each recipe that has prep and cook time, time item will be ready in, ingredient list and how to make the item along with servings and yield.
No pictures and no nutritional information.

Shopping & Cooking Frugally
Starts out with the author telling us of her upbringing, getting married and his lifestyle and how he grew up during the Great Depression.
Basic tools to help you, planning meals ahead and making a list of what to get are essential.
Taking others needs into consideration along with coupons and sales are important to being able to save money.
Also sections on using the internet to get the deals along with having your own garden.
Basic bulk recipes are included to give you a start to saving time.
Different ways to cook potatoes, beans and rices also.
Resource listing at the end.

Arthritis Relief Cookbook --- Quick and Easy Delicious Meals for Arthritis Relief (Arthritis Diet) (Arthritis Relief Series 2)
This cookbook starts out with what to stay away from that will aggravate the inflammatory disease and what to eat.
Listing of fruits and vegetables and what they can help do for your body along with herbs and spices.
Healthy appetizer snack recipes are included, no nutritional information but ingredients look healthy.
Soups and salads and breakfast food recipes are only a small portion of what's in this book.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Tight Budget, Tight Stomach: The Top 50 Foods for Busting Belly Fat on a Budget
Tells you what you need to do to get rid of belly fat. There are key nutrients in some foods that they talk about in depth.
All kinds of advice with useful information.

Tea at Downton - Afternoon Tea Recipes From The Unofficial Guide to Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey Tea Books)
History of afternoon tea and how it came about.
Different teas as explained along with the proper way to make it.
Different sandwich recipes, along with others.

30 Family Meals To Prepare On Weeknights (Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes - The Easy Weeknight Dinners Collection Book 1)
Easy meals and healthy but no nutritional information or pictures.
So many categories to select from along with such a wide variety of foods.

We're Going to the Farm  by Nancy Streza
Story using Old MacDonald theme that they sing about animals they will see at the farm.
Colorful children's book about animals on the farm.

Mangia! Classic Italian Recipes
Each recipe comes with a paragraph about what is being made,  color photo, servings, prep time and ingredient list.
Detailed instructions on how to make the dish.
No nutritional information.

Knit: How to Knit. Knitting Patterns for Beginners  by kathy wiliston
This book starts out with equipment you will need and the differences.
Yarn and needles where they tell you the differences. Detailed pictures of how to cast on the stitches.
Also diagrams to help you figure out how to do the stitches. Also parts on making cables, along with explanations of abbreviations.
Easy to make patterns are included with color photos.
Resources of clickable links at the end. Great book even good for a refresher.

101 Facts... Cats! Cat Books for Kids - Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. (101 Animal Facts Book 2)
Colorful photos that help get the fact across about the cats. There are many aspects of the book
along with video links to help you understand all about cats.
Different breeds are also discussed. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

HOW THE GOLD GOT IN THE GOLDEN RULE (Very Funny Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book About 'Thank You' and Doing Unto Others, for Beginner ... with 30 happy Illustrations Ages 2-8)
Colorful children's story about a newcomer to town that forgets to say 'thank you'. The townsfolk have a meeting to decide what can be done.
You won't believe the ending...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

African Animal Facts For Kids: Non-Fiction Book For Preschool, Kindergarten and First Graders (African Animal Picture Books)
Free activity pack as a gift.  Species of African animals are shown along with facts
about them, in alphabetic order.  Colorful children's book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

From Mother to Daughter - Family Recipes
Colorful photos accompany each recipe that includes ingredient list and detailed instructions on how to make the dish.
Soups are first and very appealing with fresh herbs and spices. No nutritional information.
Like the idea of this Ukrainian women giving this gift of family recipes to her daughter.
Although I've never made any of them myself some do look healthy.

How to Crochet: Volume III The Final Complete Advance Guide with More Advanced Patterns, Stitches and Squares for the Advanced Crocheter. Includes Step- by- Step Instructions with Detailed Pictures
Colorful book advanced crochet stitches, not only in color but diagram wise as well with written out instructions.
Patterns included for afghans, clothing, baby clothes, vintage bedspreads, fancy squares and how to make your own.
Flower motifs and edgings are also highlighted.
Other sites on the net are listed at the end.

Freezer Meals: Delicious and Easy Make-Ahead Meals
Starts out with what a freezer meal is and then how to plan to make them, a bunch at a time.
Talks about what foods can be frozen and for how long.
Recipes do not have nutritional information and no pictures.
The recipes do include the list of ingredients, how to make the meal and freeze it and how to prepare it once thawed out.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

WHEAT FREE COOKBOOK- QUICK AND EASY: Flat Belly Diet - No Wheat No Fat (healthy food cookbook Book 2)
Book starts out with why our diets would be better off without wheat. Explains what to use for substitutions.
Starts out with drinks-that don't contain wheat-did they ever?
No nutrional information and a handful of pictures.
Other recipes include a lot of substitutions rather than flour.

Meet The Bugs!
Colorful children's book showing all kinds of bugs. They each get their own page that includes a color photo and facts about them.
The book is all about sharing space with them. You don't like them, they don't like you but be kind.

Hiking Survival Guide: Basic Survival Kit and Necessary Survival Skills to Stay Alive in the Wilderness (Survival Guide Books for Hiking and Backpacking Book 1)
Hiking is not only good for your mental health but your physical health. Book starts out with planning, for things that could happen while you're out hiking.
We do go hiking but in highly visible trails, a few miles at a time.
We are prepared for the longer jaunts with what we carry on our backs, just in case.
Color photos and tells you what to do when you do get lost, first is not to panic and stay calm.
Tells you what to pack in your survival kit along with pictures and why you should bring these items.

The BBQ & Outdoor Grilling Cookbook: 110 Recipes for Everything from Appetizers to Desserts
We grill outside at least two times a week throughout the winter even. Always looking for recipes to use.
Starts out with the different methods of grilling: gas, charcoal, etc.
Each recipe comes with time to prepare, and cook times along with servings.
Ingredient list also has nutritional information.
Sauce recipes and drinks and desserts.
Fish recipes really interest me along with other ways of cooking hamburger and other meats.
A Keeper!

Children's Books: "7 Principles of Inspiring Kids to Be Leaders" A parenting kids Guide with Leadership Tips & Education for children in all ages
This book is written so parents can get a start on teaching their children how over the years they can become a leader.
There are many tips and sections to concentrate on.  Praise their behavior I think is the most important way to teach them.
Good advice all the way through.

Practical Solutions to Everyday Household Problems
Like all the ideas in this book as they are ones we would use.
Substitutions for running out of eggs and other things you need to bake with is also included.
Uses for denture cleansers and WD40, who knew!
Other works by the author are highlighted.
A Keeper!

The Honk of Zagonk
Colorful children's imagery book about dragons and the yearly games they are in.
They come from all over the world.  Frost giants freeze the dragons flames.  The dragons all laughed at Zagonk.
Will Zagonk be able to use his flames. Reason I liked this story was because even though they laugh at him one time
he can prove they won't be laughing any more at him.

Slow Cooking Done Right (Easy Slow Cooker Meals Book 1)
Each recipe comes with list of ingredients, detailed instructions on how to make, nice color photo and no nutritional information.
Not all the ingredients are healthy ones, you may be able to substitute.

The Best Prank Book - Prank Your Friends and Family!
Funny pranks to pull on others. Warns you to try them first and to be sure there is enough time for the one getting pranked to become clean before they head off to like work or school.
Silly pranks and so many of them. Hope they don't get mad.

Tip of the Toes (A Ballerina Story) (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)
Colorful children's book about ballerina's and how they practice.
Different parts of the body and the way they move them.
She feels she is not ready for the recital til the teacher gives her a glittery bow to wear.
She then feels more confident. Magic bow... other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

My Spring Day: Children's Book For Ages 6-8, Reading Level 3- Seasons Book For Kids (The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year)
Colorful children's book about Gabi and has just woken up and hears the birds outside singing. It's the first day of spring.
The other children get dressed and can't wait to also go outside. They dress for the weather and look for a four leaf clover together.
Their parents surprise them after digging for earthworms. First they wash their hands and come out to a surprise. Like this book because they all
work as one and enjoy the time they spend with one another, no matter what they are doing.
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end.

60 Ingredient Substitutions To Help You Cook Healthy Foods While Eating What You Love
Great source of knowledge. Instead of frying try other methods and they tell you how.
It's all about cooking healthier.  Tells you how to substitute white flour and why it's beneficial to your body.
Substitutions for even pastas and meats.  Other works are highlighted at the end, by the author.

Rabbit Run: An Illustrated Story about Friendship
Colorful children's book about 3 rabbits who are the best of friends.
They play with one another all the time and never argue or fight.
They are challenged to find out who is the fastest and word spreads around the farm to the other animals.
Winning was not the important thing at all.
Free ebook gift at the end along with works by the author are highlighted.

Flat Breads and Pizza and others
Looking for find a healthy bread to make, for pizza or calzones and this is the book.
Although no nutritional information the ingredients are the healthy ones that we use in our new lifestyle.
Lots to choose from.  Love the pita pocket style as we do use those for sandwiches and these would be very much healthier for us to try.
Also wraps and English muffins, what a find!
Bagels and pretzels, all healthy ingredients!
Oven charts and measurement ingredient charts are included.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
A Keeper!

Children books:IT'S A BABY(new baby books toddlers)Emotions Feeling(funny)Values(bedtime fiction stories picture book)bedtime short stories toddlers(Family)beginner ... best beginner reader picture books stories)
Colorful children's rhyming book about a mother having a baby. There is already a child in the family and this is their way of
explaining a new baby will be with them soon.  He dreams of his mother carrying a present around in her tummy for him and he can imagine all kinds of things.
He worries and then has no fear as they will play together.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with a free flip book as a gift.

Mediterranean Cookbook:: A Tasta of Greece (culinary journey cookbooks Book 3
Starts out with beautiful pictures of the area and history. Categories of food are broken up into sections featuring lots of healthy choices.
We eat mostly a Med. diet and am always looking for new ideas for meals to make.
Each recipe has a list of fresh ingredients and instructions on how to make it, serving size is included. No nutritional information as it's not needed with this lifestyle.
Even has desserts!

Pirates of the Alphabet: Pirate ABCs (and activity book) (Packrat Tales Book 2)
Colorful children's book about everything to do with pirates, using letters of the alphabet
to help explain all the pirate terms. Very colorful and imaginative.
Fun puzzles and mazes at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Learn to Cook 101 -- Step-by-Step Cooking Lessons for All Ages, by the Cooking Dude
Like this book because it allows you experiment. They start out with boiling water and then boiling eggs and what you can make with that.  Has photos.
Then other steps if you prefer a different type of cooked egg. Then onto pasta, where it gives you the ingredients and tells you to add what flavors you like.
Next step is using the microwave, very easy to follow instructions for making tuna casserole.
Using potatoes and vegetables next with lots of recipes to try and different methods for cooking.
Very useful information about how to cut an avocado, make hollandaise sauce, separating eggs, cutting up chicken and stew meat,
Lots of cooking terms I've never tried, brining, making a roux,
Other methods of cooking are explained along with more recipes. Also a section on place setting and what utensil to use when.
Family feasts and their instructions are also given. Like the listing at the back: culinary terms.  Love section all about herbs and spices.
How to fix disasters and even clean the burned pans!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Summer Cookbook: Easy Everyday Dinner Recipes you Can Make in Minutes! (Recipes for Every Season Series)
Like this cookbook because it has salads for hot days. Not all of the recipes are very healthy but you can substitute for your healthier choices.
No pictures and no nutritional information but great combinations of food is used.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Children's book: I am the best (children's books - Series about friendship, values and confidence) Book 3)
Colorful children's book that starts out with Camille the clarinet and she goes outside to practice. Others join her and even new instruments.
Some tell Camilla that she sounds bad, but others they meet up with and play with says she plays nicely. She still tries to find another school to play in.
They go back to rehearsal and others hear her and do tell her how nicely she plays.
Like this book because if only one person tells you that you don't do something right, get others opinions first.

How the Fairy Discovered Her True Magic (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)
Colorful children's book about Faye the fairy. She can make others laugh with her jokes, but her wand is broken and she's lost her glitter.
Her fairy godmother helps her understand she is really magic inside. She helps others and that makes her really see what good she can do.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Fresh from the Garden Recipes:: A Bounty of 120 Dishes Featuring Fresh Produce
Like this book a LOT. Starts out with benefits of using a Julienne peeler. Then right to the vegetables, in alpha order.
What they are-how to identity them, buying tips,  prep, cooking and storing tips along with yield.
What a treasure of a book!  Then each vegetable highlighted has a handful of recipes using that vegetable.
Pictures, nutritional information also!

Get Skinny Stay Skinny (Eat Better Feel Better Book 1
Like this book because it not only has some pictures, but very healthy ingredients and a very detailed list of nutritional information.
Love cookie and snack recipes!  Lots of categories to select from and very wide selection of a dish to make.  To me it's not important to stay skinny but to stay healthy  which this book will do. Eat right and you will stay skinny.
A keeper!

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for Everyone
Starts out talking about different slow cookers and their benefits along with explanations of the features.
Some of the recipes could be made with more healthier choices of oils. Does not have pictures, nor nutritional information.
Most of the ingredients are healthy.  Large variety to choose from.

Mommy is Not (funny bedtime story collection)
Silly children's colorful story of what your mommy is not. She's not a chair or a swing.
List goes on and tells you then what your mommy will do for you, no matter what.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end, along with a link to get a free gift.

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