Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review: The Way of The Fairy Godmother by Jennifer Morse

The Way of The Fairy Godmother
Free gift from the author and I've read the other one that this one references.
A book that will help you find your inner peace and find out your dreams and how to go get them.
This book I can relate to on many levels as I've done a large majority of the things suggested on my own-it's cool seeing there is a trail that I've been on for so long.
Explains things that we know about in real life examples: movies and how inner beauty is seen regardless of the outer beauty. Also Cinderella's journey and how things happened for her.
Enjoyed the real examples of the exercises and how each chapter starts out with the purpose, and it's repeated at the end-summarizing it for us.
Word spill - love this idea. whole book is summarized at the end with the nine keys to happiness. Something in here for everybody to achieve their true happiness.

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