Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Books read Feb 16

REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR  by Jennifer Morse and William Mortimer
Have read other works by Jennifer and enjoyed them and this one along with her husband sounded like a good read also.
Found the trip to Mexico exciting as I've never visited there and it's very detailed descriptions bring a picture of the area in my mind.
Starts out with Christopher and on his 18th birthday as he's saved his money he heads to Mexico to get a special interior for his muscle car.
He runs into problems, so many that he ends up in a prison, on an island. He meets many along the way and I enjoyed the travel and story behind it all
and how it all comes full circle. Enjoyed the references to the animals and auras. Just when he's about to become free a special friend goes missing...
Enjoyed the martial arts and mystic exchanges. He watches man give up hope to ever having a real life again and now he really has nothing to live for....

Love Storm
Loved the cover and the summary of the book. Starts out with Brooklyn and she's just arriving at her sister and brother in law's cabin in the CO mountains.
Problem is the BIL also told his football friend Ryan that he could stay there for a few weeks while his house is being repaired and he's recovering from a head injury.
They appear to get along well and have much to talk about as they've not seen one another in 4 years time.
It's rather predictable, you know they will get together in the end. Like the area and learning about the surroundings.
They have fun with the snow outside and fun bantering with one another...hot tub scenes...and then she reveals a special secret to him, will it matter though?
Hot firey steamy sex and thoughts...good short read, just the 2 characters along with others in phone calls.

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick
Lucy is following her senator's campaign and path to the White House when she gets a call from her sister Alice.
Lucy hopes he will become president...Alice wants Lucy to spend Christmas in Nelson's Bay-their family hometown.
Election day and she gets a call, her sister has overdosed on sleeping pills and she must leave for WI. She dies and the president to be wants her to take time off work, for a few months.
Because she now has the time she steps into Alice's life and helps out with charity projects. Lawyer tells her of the stipulations to Alice's will....
Like how she tends to the animals and discovers her sisters quilts. She reads through the beginner books of quilting and dives into making one. She has no idea who all the quilts were for that her sister had made.
Recurring dreams keep her awake some nights. Like the tips about rotary cutters and other quilting issues.
Small town living and she's not used to everybody knowing everything about her. She finds herself at a neighbor's house for Thanksgiving and enjoying the time there.
Peter, the lawyer is helping her adjust and make sure she stays for 8 weeks. So many secrets and she finds the FOA!
Love the paying it forward and hearing about ice fishing.  She does have a job at the White House in Jan and you wonder if she will stay or leave...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Living with rheumatoid arthritis BY Shlotzhauer_ Tammi L
Lots of information about how you get it, how to help treat it and which version of the disease you have.
Didn't realize so much depends on the environment and DNA. Didn't realize also that teeth problems are related to this disease.
So many resources, what a treasure.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Getting Wild: A Small-Town Montana Romance Sampler
Starts out with synopsis of other books in the series.
This book starts out with Molly Dekker and her son Josh. He's to go with the cub scouts for a night in the woods.
That means she has a night to herself and she hopes to trek up the mountain to see Gabriel. He and her brother Scott-now dead in the war,  were stuck together like real brothers.
She does go to the cabin and they do talk...she just wants a one nighter. She appeals to him while watching her on all fours, painting, and she gets turned on watching him chop wood.
The rest of this book is also samples from the other brothers books. Just two chapters of each.

The Everyday Cookbook: A Healthy Cookbook with 130 Amazing Whole Food Recipes That are Easy on the Budget (FREE BONUS INSIDE: 10 Natural Homemade Body ... Beauty Recipes) (Healthy Cookbook Series 6
Lots of categories to choose from.  Starts with a budget and how to save by buying in bulk when you can.
No photos and no nutritional information. Recipes include servings and ingredient list along with detailed instructions how to make the dish.
Dishes from the US along with countries around the world.
Bonus recipes included for body and skin care.

 Golden: A Short Story
Man relives his younger days when he's playing catch with his now 8 year old son.
He recalls how he got to that point-the divorce, drinking, working too many hours, etc
The event had changes his life we learn about how he felt when it happened and later details..

Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks
Starts out with how the author hates to cook so hubby does it. A collection of his recipes along with chapters about the hot meter and list of utensils you will need.
Very challenging recipes. Lots of categories to choose from. Some recipes have a photo, very nice photo of the finished item along with various ways to make it depending on how healthy you want to eat.
No nutritional information but you can tell from the ingredients just how healthy it will be.
Back of the book is more package mixes to speed up the process of everyday cooking. Measurement tables at the end.

Don't sing before breakfast, don't sleep in the moonlight_ everyday superstitions and how they began by Lila Perl
Interesting stories of how others have rhymes that will turn their luck or give them back luck.
Liked the directions of the compass and the numbers and what they mean. Some silly rhymes and what they really mean.
Superstitions are taken apart to show they are not really bad luck.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Summer of rescue by Barbara Nelson
Claire Nickels is turning 40. Her teenage daughter has discovered sex and they are at the lake
where her son drowned.  Something in her marriage is lacking, she is drawn to younger males.
She works with her daughter and others for a show they hope to put on. She can make the music to accompany the show.
Keeps recalling moments with their son...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mediterranean Diet In A Day for Dummies by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN and Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD
Lots of helpful information even about where the different products originated from to form the diet/lifestyle.
Great chart showing the color of food and how it correlates to fighting a certain disease/medical issue and what foods fit into the group.
Changing the amount on your plate and other nutritional facts about what to buy are included. Shopping for supplies is a must read.

50 Creative Ways to Say I Love You: How to say I love you and show your partner, your kids and your parents how much you care (A 50 Ways Book Book 1
Thoughtful book showing you how to make the others in your life feel special.
Some color photos along with explanations of how to make the item.
Lots of different ways to use other utensils to form a heart.

Webster's Manners (Webster Technology Book 4)  Kindle
Illustrated children's book about Webster and how he's taught to put flashy beeping noisy things away when he's eating dinner, taking a bath and getting ready for bed.
He is also able to teach the adults in his life about the same restrictions in  a nice way.
Rhyming book. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Survival of the Christmas Spirit  
She's hosting the family Christmas dinner at her house. She has the tables all set even the ones for the kids.
Her mom calls and there will be others now. She hurries out Christmas eve to get more food. In the rain she can't find any more turkey.
It's laughable as her husband is so calm. So many things happen to dampen her spirit. It really can't get much worse but all comes to a climax at the dinner table when it's revealed...
Sometimes it's just the simple things that make the world go around-don't over think it.
Samples of the author's other works are included.

Never A Bride by Traci Hall
Listened to this book as an audio book.
Mike is getting married and his brother Jared arrives. He had broken up his marriage and left to go to Alaska and never came back.
He was to wed Sheena.  At the rehearsal dinner Jared is next to his father and they talk and we learn how the details of the wedding and everything invovled were just too much for him to deal with. That's why he headed to Alaska.
His father sets him straight and yes it is all about the woman you are marrying. They do meet again and he tries to set her right and explain why he felt he had to leave. Lots of misunderstandings...
He knows what he has to do to set it right and he only has a short time to prove how much he really does love her...
Excerpt from Ambrosia of the Sea is included.

 Wildlife Coloring Book Forest Elephants, Giraffes, African Big Cats and More, Natures Wildlife Coloring Art Coloring Books Designed for Artists, Adults, ... Older Children (Wildlife Coloring Books 1)
Great tool for destressing from everyday struggles. Links to get the pages in a nice format are included.
Collection of exotic animals. so many fine lines that really add to the detail of the animals.
Bonus pages available also along with other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
So many, hundreds! of other themes to choose from. Christmas one appeals to me. Also books just for kids.

 Mug Cakes: And Other Delicious Desserts to Make in the Microwave
Starts out with the basics of using your microwave for these recipes.
What I like about the recipes is that they are small in size-perfect for the two of us, and are easy to make and clean up with supplies I already have on hand.
Starts out with frosting then onto the cakes. Carrot cake would be my choice for the first one to try.
No pictures and no nutritional information but by the list of ingredients you should be able to substitute for healthier ones.
Cookies in a mug sound like a perfect quck surprise gift for your loved one.
A Keeper!

 Gifts in Jars: Recipes for Easy, Delicious, Inexpensive DIY Gifts in Jars (Jar Recipes, Jar Gifts, Homemade Gifts)
Great ideas for gift giving for any occasion.
Lots of tips for selecting the right size container and what items to put in it and on the outside as well.
Each recipe includes the list of ingredients to include in the jar along with instructions on how to make it with other items from your kitchen.
Really great recipes and easy to make: breads, muffins, etc.
Love the idea of soup mixes!   Few pictures and no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute some ingredients for a healthier choice.

Instant Pot Cookbook: A Simple Pressure Cooker Guide for Busy People - Delicious Meals, Quick and Easy Recipes & Stress Free Cooking
Purchased an electric pressure cooker for our wedding anniversary and found although it's a great device it really needed a cookbook to go along with it. There were instructions on how to use each of the functions but it never stated how long or in what order to actually make things.
This cookbbook is better than what I thought. Only problem is the listing of recipes is NOT clickable so you have to scroll through and hope you find it within a reasonable amount of time.
I know we will be trying many of these recipes ourselves as they are on the healthier side of ingredients or we can substitute what we can eat in most of the recipes.
No photos and no nutritional information but we know what items we can cook/eat with our new lifestyle.  Very specific instructions on what setting to use and for long, etc.
Lots of categories to choose from: breakfast, soups, chicken dishes, lamb, pork, beef, seafood and desserts.

 Dump Dinners: 150 Dump Dinners Cookbook: The Most complete Dump Dinners Crock Pot Book: Dump Dinners Crockpot: Dump Dinners Crock Pot Free: Dump Dinners ... dump dinners crockpot,crock pot,crockpot)
Each recipe comes with a very colorful photo of the finished item, ingredient list and how to prepare it.
them! Some of the dishes include a prepackage box or items already made.
Not sure what a particular is, or a might in the ingredient listings. So many recipes to choose from. some are even good for a slow cooker.
Includes desserts also.

Be A Cheapskate Now
307 ways to save money-on everything.
Starts out with listing of apps and websites to visit along with codes to use to get more discounts at the places listed.
home savings, health and beauty, food, pets, clothing, entertainment,
utilities,  travel, shipping, random and misc. So much information, well thought out.

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