Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Spotlight: Spring Thaw


When an unforeseen accident tramples her dreams, Selena trudges through a desert of loneliness caring for an invalid husband. Finding herself a widow at twenty-eight, she grasps at the chance to experience a new life. Answering an advertisement for a marriage of convenience, she agrees to the platonic arrangement in order to care for the man’s young son. Leaving her home in Illinois, she travels by train to Oregon to discover a very different world from the one she left behind. Mesmerized by the beauty of this new land, she finds faith and fulfillment, but she never expects to find love.

Dirk lost his wife long before his son’s birth. Bitterness and pain solidified his emotions like the snowpack on Mt. Hood. He needs a mother for his son, but nothing more, so he places his request: No pictures necessary, references only. Selena agrees to the arrangement, but her heart interferes. Will Selena’s patient endurance be enough to melt her husband’s frozen heart?

Author Bio

Tammy Fish, Born in Rhode Island, I've had the privilege of living on both beautiful coasts. Dramatically different each location resonates  the beauty of the Creator.  Like my excursion moving across the nation, life itself is a journey. One that twists and turns along the way with mountains of triumph and valleys of despair, but throughout  the process I find the Lord ever present, going before me and lighting my way. Praise be to Him.





My Review:

 Spring Thaw By Tammy Fish
I had just finished another book from a different author about the Oregon Trail where talk of the railroad was being built when the author asked if I'd read and review her book. Scanned through the summary and it starts with the railroad has been built from the east to the west coast.
Selena had left her family home where there are many in the family that the father has to support. usually females were sent elsewhere to earn a living to send back home.
She left and got married and they had a child. We learn of her struggles, hardships and loss. She lives above the mercantile store and works there til she overhears one contemplating about heading west to be a bride. When Seleena reads the ads she finds one that might suit her.
Dirk wants just a marriage of convenience, someone able to care for his two year old son and live in Oregon. She travels there after sending a letter finding the arrangements agreeable.  Julia meets her at the station and takes her under her wing til she recovers from the days long trip on the railroad.
Julia is a widow and had hired Dirk many years ago and she has 3 boys that she's raising.  Selena learns more about the child and his father til she's able to meet them at dinner the next night. Loved hearing of the nature (Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and other areas we have visited) along with learning about tree cutting and other new things described about the trip. Also the day to day life on the farm and what it entails is very well detailed. They agree to allow 30 days for each of them to change their minds...
Selena gets to spend time with Julia and they talk of similar backgrounds and she also gets to learn more about Dirk and Wade. Love hearing of the preserving of food, hunting and fishing excursions.
She wants to make a better life for Wade and they attend church where they both find something new that revives them and learn the value of granting forgiveness. Misunderstandings and they finally talk to one another to clear the air....
Scriptures are quoted as they relate to the problems they are experiencing.  Unexpected holiday treasures appear. Love the story behind how this book was created.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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