Friday, May 6, 2016

Books read May 6

Major Wager, The Pure Round of Golf Jack challenged Tiger to by Colin Koenig
Love golf and even ran an online tour for many years. Had so many designed courses to play and each of them was fascinating to find the secrets to.
Enjoy the game of golf and it's not about winning but how you get to the end and with who. This book starts out with Jack and he's asked Tiger privately to play a game and not tell anyone.
He hopes to get Augusta but it's booked so Jack makes plans for a course in KY. What I liked about this course is it's not known to me and the book describes it SO well I feel like I am there with them.
Like discussions along the way especially the one about knickers. Love Payne the most of all the players I'm familiar with.
Personalized by putting a name to each of the holes-wish there was a map or pictures to make us really feel like we are there.
Amazing things happen on the course, priceless!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Starlight at Willow lake by Susan Wiggs
Saga of the Bellany family. I think I've read all of them and appreciate how the author brings you up to date without telling you everything-taking up 80% of the book.
This one starts out with the 3 children and they are spreading their dad's ashes when they get a call about their mother having fallen down the stairs. It's now up to Mason, the oldest to step up and take care of their mother, Alice.
The family is at their wits end as to who to hire to tend to the older woman who's wheelchair bound. Faith is a widow with 2 kids and she's late for the interview. Mason sees her in action as she helps a motorcycle accident man who was very lucky she was around at the time.
Story goes back in time to when Mason joined his father in Paris, along with his mistress. Faith thinks the old woman had tried to kill herself...and then Mason learns of the day his father died...Alice helps the youngest girl to learn to swim as they bring Alice into the lake.
Mason and Faith are getting closer together as they discuss Alice's recovery and possible cure...Mason's girlfriend Regina is high class and he needs to talk to her...
Love excursions they take Alice on-so caring!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 35 Easy Weeknight Dinners - The Recipes for Mexican Food and The Mexican Dinner Recipes Edition (Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes - The Easy Weeknight Dinners Collection)
Meals with Mexican theme starts out with a bit about the dish, ingredient list and then how to prepare it along with toppings and side dishes for a meal.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information but you might be able to substitute some healthier choices for some ingredients.
Pizza would be my choice as I can control what goes on it for a very healthy meal.
 Clean Eating: The Complete Guide to Eating Clean and 50 Delicious, Healthy Recipes
Starts out with what clean eating is and what to avoid eating.
Recipes include for the most part healthy ingredients. There are no pictures and only a handful of recipes have nutrtional information but doesn't list the components of fat content.
Not sure why some food is listed in grams rather than US measuring sizes...
oats and Dark Chocolate bars would be our choice for a healthy snack.

 Dandelion summer by Lisa Wingate
Book starts out with an old man, hospitalized and his daughter Deborah is making arrangements for him to come home and having a housekeeper there to tend to his needs and the house.
Jay Norman had just lost his wife and didn't take his heart also follows Epiphany Jones who is just 16 and had been forced to move to this area due to the death of her caretaker. She learns that her father is not who her mom had told her, but she's a black Italian and her father's family runs a restaurant in the town.
Her mom has many secrets hiding in the closet that she's started to uncover. She doesn't feel welcome at all but she's been told she will be making meals for the old man. Epi and Jay form an alliance against Deborah and work on projects together. He knows all about rocket ships and other technical things. She needs guidance in that and other personal things...
Mysteries arise and they jump to find the clues-with the help of technology.
Amazing how their lives are entwined!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak
Book starts out with Maisey and her brother Keith has summoned her to come back home to help with their mother.
She arrives and will be staying at her father's bungalows, the contractor is refurbishing them after the last big storm.   Nobody gets along with their mother Josephine. Maisey has also been divorced for a year and had a daughter died from SIDS but her mother always, blamed her.
Raef is the one to find the box while doing carpentry work and brings it to Massey and she does recall the taller child but she's not sure who it is. Mysteries and secrets from many as she tries to patch things with her mother, help clean the bungalow and work at the family floral shop.
Liked  the romance, sex, helping blind child,  talk of flowers, braiding hair from the book she wrote and to find out about the girl in the photo and blackmail money...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

 Guilty pleasures by  Lawrence Sanders
The Fullsby family is into publishing and Barbara has just graduated from college. She informs her daddy that she wants to go into the business after her month long visit with her girlfriend to France and other places.
They share a different kind of love for one another. Her mother is bedridden and doesn't have all her brain when they talk to her.
Brett, her brother is a playboy. Although he loves women he also loves men.  Nothing is too good for them.  All the dates they have from both sexes.
Story also follows a judge who has a woman who does housekeeping for him and other things... her son is being mentored by the judge and he hopes to get him a job as a lawyer, he's black and he can push him into places he'd not even try to accomplish.
They are at the party were Emmett, the publisher president is retiring and giving his shares of the company to the children. Amazing how he splits his funds between the kids. And he's sailing indefinitely.....
Blackmail ensues and you can't believe the details!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Current affairs by  Barbara Raskin 
Audio book and the sisters start out with numbered lists of why they are jealous of the other, why they are the same and why they are different.
Nat is married and no kids. Shay has had 4 husbands with a grandchild that she pawns off on others. Nat picks her up at the airport and they head to a party but the car is stolen. Real problem is highly sensitive government papers that Shay had are also stolen. Snapshots along the way are described.
The car is found and the cops question Nat as to the papers and she has no clue-they are Shay's. She wants to put her under the bus instead she tends to the little granddaughter so Shay can go track down who wants the papers now...
Lots of action as the FBI helps to protect her and they try to make a deal with the thugs...lots of DRAMA!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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