Sunday, July 31, 2016

Review: Book Fun July Magazine

The book fun magazine this month was very interesting.
They seem to bring the books To Life by not only telling you what the book is about but going into question and answers and having offer family pictures that are very important to them along with book trailers. There are even recipes to try and allowing the baker to have the freedom to experiment with different flavors and different combinations.
I am an early reader for The Book Club Network  (and you can be one also, check out the links in the magazine to join up, it's free!) and I fulfill my part by requesting books I want to read. I post my reviews within several days of receiving the books, to various sites on the net.
One of the books I had previously read spoke a bit more about the whole series which I just read the second book in the series and can't wait to read the third.
A little bit more in depth with color photos really makes it look like a really good read.
There are so many different types of books available upcoming books for children, middle graders, adults, offering different categories and genres to appeal to the whole family.
Chat with the author interviews also interested me because Nora, the interviewer has such thought provoking questions to ask. She is able to bring up so many more interesting topics of discussion.
Lots of insight to the Catholic religion in the books written about the subject.
Favorite part was the paying it forward. I don’t go through coffee lines but when I visit our historic village where I have free passes I always leave  a few behind for those behind me so they don’t have to pay. I knit using knitting pins, about the diameter of pins, costume parts: mittens, hats muffattees, etc where the village provides me with the yarn from their sheep. Love knitting and donate a lot of my time to charity events and as they in turn appreciate me by giving me free passes for my friends and family I don’t mind giving them to others who are also there to appreciate the village experience-just one of many ways of paying it forward.
The magazine to me is like finding the missing puzzle piece as to why I wanted to read the books I've requested. It brings it all together for me.
Indexing at the end is excellent and each of the book pages has useful information about other books the author has also released.
Two thumbs up to all those who work behind the scenes to bring the book fun magazine to us!

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