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Boks read Aug 4

Under the Legend by Carolina Carter
What a story. Listening to it in fast mode makes it so much more appealing as the action is fast paced, but very understandable.
Book sounded interesting and always enjoy discovering yet another new author to me.
Nola has the endorsements to fly the airplane around the world, stopping at various locations for a live broadcast. Brandon is also the announcer of the broadcasts and he likes to take the lead.
They are following the path Amelia Earnhardt had gone.  Her GPS is messing up and she notices the sharks below in the water. She's low on gas and is looking for a place to land. She's got water and lunch and a life jacket.
She had seen a spot of land-if she had to the descriptions of what she's noticing below and how she keeps her head on straight. It's like we are there with her.
Nola remembers the man ... is she dreaming all this or dead? Once awake she tries to concentrate on where she could be as she has many questions and they are not giving her many answers. She's taken to Dr. Krader and he explains a bit more about the colony she's stumbled onto.
They make it nice to even consider, they'd give her a job at the newspaper and a place to live...although she really wants to get off the island and resume her life. She does meet others who could aid her but she's not sure she should trust them.
Interesting how the island works for deliveries and adult activities.  So cool that she never gives up trying to escape and the methods used no matter the consequences to her and others.
Wow the people she meets and why they are there! Lots of twists and not predictable by a long shot, very good read!
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Feel the Heat
This book starts out with Fransceca and she's saving the life of a man who's unconscious from the fire in the building.
Alex thought it was a man that had saved him as he goes to thank her in the hospital. He soon is giving her food and everything else she wants, she had saved his life.
They get along very well til she learns who he is and that he knows her mother-the woman who left them when Fran was very young and she's attempting to get back into their lives again.
Fran just wants to do her firefighting job as she's now been accepted into the family at work but during her 2 month time off to heal the broken bone she does go out to eat with Alex... she's from the working class and he's from the other side of the tracks and she sees what that did to her own parents.
Love all the fire fighting talk and how things happened, the investigations and how they determine the causes. Enjoyed the jokes and facts about firemen.
Travel and locale of Rockford is very appealing=can just picture the town in upstate NY they could be referring to as we have relatives there-very nice area.
Enjoyed learning more about the career and how it started at the visit to the museum. I feel like I've been there-so descriptive.
Alex wants more than just being friends and she's upset because she really wants the same but he leaves...will they get back together and hash it all out?
Her mother wants a second steamy sex scenes but really enjoyed the fire mysteries more and learning new words.
Can't wait to read more from this series. Excerpt from Risking it All is included at the end. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Root, Petal, Thorn by  Ella Joy Olsen
Story line sounded interesting, wondering what I'd do with the same circumstances.
Starts out with Ivy and she's just lost her husband and she's got two children to raise. Her brother Stephen and Drew, his friend are nearby to help get her moving again.
Alternating chapters about the others who have lived in the same house throughout the years.
We find out the mysteries surrounding things Ivy has found as they lead to more clues as to the secrets they held.
At times it's confusing as to who is who, but the dates they lived in the house are key.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review.

Waste Free Kitchen: Save Money, Stay Organized & Reduce Waste
Starts right in with organizing the cabinets and how everything has its place.
Reuse containers and go paperless are just a few suggestions in becoming organized.
How to shop and save money and use coupons and sales. How to cook multiple meals and save them in freezer for another day.
Few recipes for quick meals, no pictures and no nutritional information.
Grow it yourself and make it rather than buying some items. Many uses for household things we already have, rather than buying expensive cleaning supplies.
Great tips and ideas.

Sell Everything: Get rid of all your stuff WITHOUT a yard sale!
Has listings of where to sell items online, by category and lists the pros and cons of each.
Great resource of information, Do your homework.

The Zebra Said Shhh
Colorful children's story abou the life of a zebra. Some pages are difficult to read the words due to the background color.
Lots of different animals do NOT want to go to sleep but the zebra tries to get them to listen to him.
At the end it tells you where they all sleep, their habitat, 10 different animals.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Regal Rose: the Ultimate Herb: History, Healing, Growing Roses (Herbal Amicus Book 3
Have read the previous book all about lavender and this was free so I thought I'd check it into also.
I do not grow roses at our house but love the feel of the soft petals and the fragrance.
This book covers it all, history, how to use the rose to heal some ailments and how to grow it and care for it throughout the year.
Recipes for tea and salve and other things are included.

Lavender the Universal Herb (Herbal Amicus Book 2)
While traveling to Sequim, WA we went past the lavender farm and was amazed at the size of it. I had recently ordered a live plant, not knowing it was coming from there
and I was able to keep it alive. Heard cats don't like it and I want the cats to stay out of my garden. I was able to separate it into 3 plants so I could run them around the border.
Very sturdy plant and I often walk by and brush my fingers against the plant and it's such a great smell.
History of the plant is discussed along with pictures.  Listing of ailments and how to use the lavender oil to help.
Has recipes for food products and also soap and lotions. Resources of where to obtain the plant is included, also online sources and how to care for the plant itself during and including harvest.

A Shower of Roses by Tom Milton
Won this book in a contest and just got around to readng it. Starts out where Eva and Marek are in London where he's a banker and does CIA work in Poland.
She is a USA pediatric nurse but it's going to take some time to be able to get the same job in London. She is friends with Julianna who plays the harspicord as her husband is freinds with Marek.
The girls don't hang out much. When Marek is back in town he invites other Polish males over and Eva notices they are being watched and notifies Marek...
Alternating chapters we learn of Eva and her parents life once they came to the USA. How Eva wanted to be a nurse and her schooling til the day she saw her father with a woman she wanted to hightail it away from them all...
Like how the book got it's title and what it symbolizes.  Wow didn't see that ending happening, lots of twists!
Enjoyed the travel and very descriptive roads and byways.

Sugar Free Crock Pot
Sounded like a good idea to check into these recipes.
Each recipe includes a color photo of the finished dish, ready to eat time, ingredients list of mostly fresh items,
Step by step instructions and other ways to prepare the dish as a different dish.
No nutritional information. Healthy chicken breasts would be the dish I'd want to try first.
Free ebook is also included at the end. Lots of recipes for stews, soups and even dips.
Has lists of things to buy at the store, to have on hand and other helpful charts.

ONE GREEN OMELET, PLEASE! (Adorable Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, About Discovering, Appreciating, and Mindful Eating, for Beginner Readers, with 30 Illustrations, Ages 2-8
Have read many of the author's other works and have enjoyed the children's books.
Title reminds me of green eggs and ham! Colorful rhyming children's book about the family when they visit a nearby restaurant one Sunday after church.
It's buy and they offer a variety of food choices. Silly at times.
Her meal appears to be alive! She discovers all the treasures hidden under it.
Explains where all the food came from, great resource!  Another cute excerpt from another story is included at the end.
Free poster is clickable as a gift.

Weight Loss Workout Plan: 97 POWERFUL Fat-Blasting Exercises (Includes BONUS 18 Habits That Will Make You WANT to Work Out Every Day)!
Starts out with ideas on how to incorporate a workout into your daily commute into work.
The habits you create will become second nature if you do them daily. Easy things that you probably aren't even aware that you are doing already.
Myths and facts about food are also discussed. Free ebook is included at the end.
Weekly meal plan is also included. Some recipes are included but no nutritional information is listed. No pictures.
Lots of workouts included, with an without equipment.  Categorized sections are also listed making it easier to target a certain part of your body and the exercises that go with it.

5 Ingredients Cookbook: Over 50 Quick and Easy Scrumptious Meals
Starts out with cookie recipes but there are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Lots of categories and a few recipes per category. Much to choose from.

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