Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Books read Aug 17

Have read another book by this author and enjoyed it. This one starts out in 1700's and this time frame interests me as I recall a short lived TV show, covington crossings that I really liked because the female did everything her brothers did, even better at some things like archery.
Suzanne and her mother have their secret gotten in the hands of the bad guys and they msut flee leaving her father and brothers behind to defend from those who want to kill those who don't go along with the religion.
She was to marry Etienne and leave to rule over the Carribean estate of the family. The women head to her grandmother's and are stopped often along th eway trying to escape. They make it but she's not there, won't be for another week but others can tend to them...
Her whole life changes and Johan brings her to safety for a bit til things calm down. She thinks she can still get to the colonies...
So many come and go from her life as she attempts to make it to the colonies. Very good story line, enjoyed it.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (  in exchange for my honest review.

The List: an inspirational short story by Deborah Heal
Have read many of the author's other works and have enjoyed them.
This one starts out with Bill and he's dying, within a very short time and he's trying to finish his list.
He has special notecards that he's sending a note to all on the list. Interesting to learn why and what they contain.
He's upset his granddaughter hasn't come to visit and will she make it in time for the special note he has for her?
I received this book from the author via email in exchange for my honest review.

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