Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Books read aug 24

Black Monday by William Manchee
Have read other series from this author and loved the books, enough that I went and bought the other 2 in the series.
Starts out 1987 black Monday for the stock market. He's involved in many things going on, an executor for an old woman who has passed away and the proceeds will go towards her dogs, another needs IRS to unfreeze his accounts or a man overseas could die...
Like the family time at home and the kids interactions.  Alternating chapters about other cases using a male/female narrators.
Female narrated portions are about Paula, Stan's partner at the business and she's handling a murder trail.
Really good read, wish I had read it from the first in the series but I didn't feel left out as they told us what we needed to know about their past working together.

The girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux
Story that is done in parts of a play. Casey is there cooking for the play participants and she's not aware of who really owns the house and oversees one taking a shower on the back porch. She later realizes who he is... and he's the actor that the town hopes to donate his time to the play.
Money will go to charity but they get off on the wrong foot. The drama of the auditions is quite comical as all those who should've won had overdone their little walks and talks.
They do get thrown together and Casey wants no part of being in the show, just feeding all those there.
Peacock is the hit of the story in my opinion as if he made things happen. Lots of controversy over things during the play and the outcome was amazing to me that the big boys really were watching!
Light reading.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

August 2016 Book Fun Magazine
From the very first page of the magazine this month I really like it. Starts out with a book I just got to review for The Book Club Network and on the page as it's very informative there are other books by the same author.
As previous months the in-depth interviews and more than just a summary of the books is enjoyable and very informative.
Hunting for Treasure and other works by Sandra Robbins captured my attention.
Some of the pages are hard to read as they have textured background or are very dark and lettering is also darkish ( I have eye issues so maybe it's just me).
Due to the stories and the beautiful pictures I feel as if I've been around the world the past 45 minutes.
Links for others to join the book club are included in the magazine.
It's a club where you get free books and you promise to post your reviews online, joining is free!

 Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow
 Like this approach to get kids to eat more healthier. Starts out and we learn that Blake is not feeling so well. He only likes candy and cookies and things that are sweet.
The words are rhyming and easy to read on some of the backgrounds.
He meets a new friend and he tells Blake how he can get more energy-enough so he can play.
There are notes for the parents to ask the child while they are reading along with them to pick out what foods are red and what part of the body they are good for.
Like a mini quiz and you've been given the answers to, if you were paying attention. Really like blue and purple pages.

No Crib for a Bed: an inspirational short story by Deborah Heal
Have enjoyed other works by this author and know this will be treasured as it's about a pregnant woman on Christmas Eve.
Book starts out with Robin and she helps run the pregnancy center and contemplates writing an article about Christian woman who have a child. The note from a man in the paper states more Christians should put their money where their mouth is.
The local cop stops by with his new partner and they have picked up a pregnant woman and a child and they have no where to stay. He's not gotten much information from her but Robin takes them in.
She is able to relate other facts to her via stories and to show her the ultrasound. Latisha was no ill informed of things....she learns the truth now to help her decide on what to do...
Was given this ebook as a gift from the author.

Always with You by Elaine Stock
Not sure I really wanted to read this book as it's about hateful racial crimes but I thought I'd give it a chance for those who believe in God to make it all right.
Story starts out with Isabelle and she's come to the school playyard before going to dinner with her father and grandmother. A group of boys attack her, tie her up and drag her to the school building. Tyler, from the faithful group comes to her rescue.
Her relatives don't really care for him as do none of the towns folk. Alternating chapters from Tyler as we follow his path also. They continue to see one another as he rescues her again from the bad gang.
She plans to attend college but that may be on hold if things go on like they have been. She'd have to convert to his religion, memorize passages and reciting.
Enjoyed learning about the area they hiked on their honeymoon-looked it up online even.
She finds out things and decides what she must do, lots of twists and turns and can't believe the ending how it brings some back together. Only til the truth is told does it make sense.
Reading guide at the end is included.  Wasn't as fearful as I thought i'd be.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (  in exchange for my honest review.

Chicken Recipes: Top 50 Most Delicious Super Easy 3 Step or Less Chicken Recipes for Family & Friends
Each recipe starts out with a great color photo of the dish, ingredient list, how to cook and variations along with detailed nutritional information.
Sodium in most of the recipes is quite high for us to enjoy but if we substitute other ingredients the recipes would be ok for us.
Chicken Caesar Wrap would be our selection to try first. There are many that sound appealing: lemon and use of honey.
What I also like is that there are so many different methods of cooking that is used.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end and some are free.

We've Seen Santa
Children's  book showing how the kids plan on finding out who Santa is. They want to catch him in the act.
Colorful pictures but words blend right into the background making it difficult to read.
Good rhyming book.

 I Love You! by Calee M. Lee
Children's colorful illustrated book about how a parent shows their child that they love them.
Besides using animals that are familiar they also show the action that is being talked about.
Like shooting star the best but they are all good. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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