Thursday, November 3, 2016

Book Review: Forever a Bridesmaid

Forever a Bridesmaid (Always a Bridesmaid Book 1)
Book starts out with a professional bridesmaid who is on her way back to Atlanta for a wedding that she's paid to be in.
She smooths over things as they come up. Due to the snow blizzard Erin meets him at the airport bar and they get to talking.
Due to the cancellation he books them rooms in a nearby hotel that is accessible via the airport. They spend the night together-Matthew on top of the covers and her underneath in the king bed as it's the only room.
She has rules and they don't include one night stands and no relations as she's too busy making money to concentrate on a date. He's an architect who's works she has noticed in the bigger cities. He's on his way to break up his brothers wedding plans before he gets married.
Coincidence: it's the same wedding they are going to...they really get along very well together and many of the same interests. Love explicit details described-makes you feel like you are seeing it for yourself. Like differences of opinions from each angle-his and hers. Never attended a wedding quite elaborate as this one with all the events that took place, was a treat to read about them all.
Liked the setting in Chicago but not sure why some words are British as they don't really belong as both are from the US and they are traveling in the US. Loved the story and as I had found out how the story came to be. Bit of adult scenes but not overpowering.
Can't wait to read more from this author.
Won this copy from Bookies author takeover

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