Monday, November 7, 2016

Book Review: Once a Bridesmaid

Once a Bridesmaid (Always a Bridesmaid Book 2)
Read first in this series and enjoyed all the very detailed descriptions of things taking place and background scenery.
This story is about Lauren-the woman who lives in Boston and works at Always a Bridesmaid with Erin from the first book. She's staging a bachelorette party where the bride wants all male organ decorations.
As she takes them out of the tote I am just sitting here laughing my butt off!
Kyle the stripper shows up early and he wants to look around. She assumes he's the stripper and he is not!
She gets all wrapped up in Kyle and we are able to hear his side of the story also...he learns quickly after having sex with her that she won't do a repeat. They meet often as he's the photographer for the wedding...
Love finer details of the locale-the duck story! I was there often but never there-going to eye doctors in the city for several days a week for years and never ventured to see them. Also treasure the other events that had a place in the story: Gloucester during holidays and other city things. Also appreciate the ending how it all fits into place-the locations and what is real and what is not.
Things become confusing for Lauren and she breaks it off although many try to reason with her...can't wait for the third in this series.
Won this copy from Bookies author takeover

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