Thursday, November 10, 2016

Books read Nov 10

Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer
Children's story about Ella and she learns of her grandmother's place where it can snow in the summer. She wants to learn more.
Colorful sketches of what's going on.  She must be patient and learn that virtue as they travel to northern Michigan where the farm is.
She images what she should pack-given the weather might be snowy but it's summer.
She boards the plane to visit with her Nana and she finds the country is rather plain....
Love the part about her knitting-my favorite thing to do.  Wow it did snow, find out how.
Other things for kids to do is included at the end.

Dumpling Recipes: The Ultimate Guide  Kindle Edition  by Kelly Kombs
Each recipe starts out with Prep, cook time, complete time and servings.
Ingredients and how to make the dish. There is no nutritional information and no pictures.
List of ingredients are not always on the healthy side and some things you can't substitute for a healthier option.
The various dumpling recipes themselves can be done with a healthy choice.
Sweet taste dumpling or herb inspired dumplings would be my choice.
Authors other works have a clickable link at the end.

Bruschetta Recipes: The Ultimate Guide
Starts out with what they are and where they originated from.
Each recipe has cook, prep and completed times along with servings.
Ingredient list along with directions on how to make.
There is no nutritional information and no pictures. Not familiar with some of the breads they want you to use in assembling the dish.
Some of the recipes are a bit healthier than others. You might be able to substitute for a healthier option.
Bruschetta with red peppers would be the one we'd try.
Authors other works have a clickable link at the end.

Pasta Salad - The Ultimate Guide
Always looking for different combinations of food.
Recipes start with list of Prep, cook and total time, servings, and ingredient list along with directions.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Although they sound healthy some of the ingredients are not really that good, 2 16 oz. bottles of Italian dressing is pushing it too much per serving even for a light or fat free. There is too much sodium in the dressing.
Might be able to use olive oil as a substitute.
Pasta with shrimp would be great, except we'd bake the shrimp rather than deep fry it.

Obsessed by Wildfire by Autumn Jordan
Story about a fireman and his life gets entangled with Isabel. Love the mysteries surrounding the fires and the investigations.
Felt there was way too much sex in the book for me, very erotic.
loved the locale and learning new things. Excerpt from the next in the series is included at the end.

Best Ever Fruit Cobbler & Crisp Recipes (Best Ever Recipes Series Book 2)
Each recipe starts out with a brief description of the dish.
Has servings and then list of ingredients directions and toppings.
There is no nutritional information and no pictures.
Might be able to substitute some ingredients for a healthier option.
Blueberry cobbler would be our choice as we pick our own and freeze them for winter months and the rest of the ingredients are very healthy.
The crisp recipes I feel use a whole stick of margarine-that is too high of fat content for us to even consider.
Also has a section on whipped cream toppings.

20 Easy Slow Cooker Christmas Appetizer Recipes: Holiday Cooking For Your Gathering
Has great ideas but there are no pictures and no nutritional information and the ingredient list doesn't offer many healthy options.
Party mix without butter, salts or Worcestershire sauce is what we currently offer to our guests who come to visit. Along with veggie straws it is a big hit.
Like festive names of the dishes. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Slow Cooker Cookbook: 25 Amazing Recipes for Braises, Stews, Pot Roasts, and Other One-Pot Meals
Starts out with why you should use a slow cooker and the benefits of time and money saved.
Each recipe includes: prep and cook times, servings and then the list of ingredients, mostly healthy.
Directions on how to make the dish and a listings of some nutritional information is included on a handful of recipes.
The fat content is NOT broken up into healthy/unhealthy fats. Also does not include sugar and sodiums levels-more important to us than carbs.

The Ultimate Christmas Cookies (In The Kitchen Cooking Book 3) by June Kessler
Some recipes start with a colorful picture, all recipes include a brief summary of the item and ingredient list along with instructions on how to make and bake. Servings also.
No nutritional information and most use some portion of unhealthy fat in the way of butter or shortening.
Some have healthier option for butter. Other works by the author are clickable at the end.

Delicious Cookies and Bars (Delicious Mini Book Book 4)
Recipes that start out with ingredient list-nothing healthy but you might be able to experiment with a healthier option for fat content.
How to make and servings is included. NO pictures and no nutritional information.
Other works by the author are clickable at the end.

Cupcake-Cookies and Brownies (Delicious Recipes Book 10)
Some recipes start with a color photo and title and servings. Some photos are  x'ed out as they were used without permission of the photographer and just grabbed online as their own?
Ingredient list and how to make and bake and servings and various frosting recipes which you don't have to use.
no nutritional information.
Might be able to experiment with healthier choices for butter.
Carrot and cardamon cupcakes would be my choice to make.
Other works by the author are clickable at the end.

Whole Food Essentials: TOP 25 Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss, Healthy Metabolism & Energy
Starts out with the definition of clean eating.  Foods to avoid and you can watch the energy you'll get and loss of weight.
Each recipes comes with a color photo, cooktime and servings. Ingredient list of very healthy items, along with how to make the dish.
super healthy recipes. NO nutritional information but it's all healthy ingredients.
Free clickable gifts at the end.

Super Fish
Children's colorful book about how one super fish saved the other fish. They are as small as a penny.
After he was saved, the superfish went on to save a starfish that was trapped under a shipwreck.
The fish has everything documented on a camera if you don't believe him. They are able to show the super fish in action. So funny and silly.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Another story: Super fish the stare wars is also included. Another silly story where the octopus tries to get you to blink.


Christmas Recipes: Christmas Cookies: Delicious Christmas Treats for Your Family to Enjoy!
Each recipe starts out with the title, servings, ingredient list and how to put the item together. Most are using pre packaged foods.
No nutritional information and no pictures.
Grinch cookies using maybe EVOO might be our choice to try.

'Happier Holidays: The cookbook to eat, drink and stay merry!
Plan for a stress free holiday baking.  Lots of things can be done prior to the event and list of things for the day of the event.
Tips for a budget.  Starts out with a clickable video to watch how to make the turkey in various ways along with ingredients needed for each.
Other options for turkey are included: roasts, prime rib, duck, lamb, etc.
Stuffing section  also includes clickable videos to watch. along with recipes.
Recipes for side dishes, salads, desserts and drinks are included.
No pictures and no nutritional information.
Great if this is your first time cooking for the family gathering as it includes so many recipes and tips.

Delicious Meals With Leftover Turkey: Creative Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Turkey
We plan to have a turkey in the next several weeks and know we will have a bunch of leftovers.
Holiday turkey quiz starts off this book.  Safety guidelines for using cooked turkey and other guidelines that one should follow for the meats.
Each recipe starts with title, servings and ingredient list and how to make. No pictures and no nutritional information but you might be able to substitute for a healthier choice for fat content.
Like that they have breakfast items, lunch, side dishes and dinner including soups.
Answers to the quiz are included.

Cookies Cookbook: Tasty Cookies for Kids (Jane Biondi Italian Cookbooks Book 4
Starts right in with recipe, servings, list of ingredients and how to make/bake them.
Color photo and no nutritional information.
Oatmeal raisin cookies would be one of the healthiest.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Pie Pops - The Ultimate Recipe Guide  Kindle Edition
Looks like a great idea if you want just a taste of pie on a stick. Looks very pretty and I can just imagine how long it's gonna take to make them but thought I'd check it out for this holiday season.
We are in charge of bringing two pies this year.
Each recipe starts with Total and prep time and servings and then list of ingredients.
Dough is frozen so it's not like having or using fresh dough that you can control the fat content.
Also list of instructions. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Some of the recipes take over 1 hour to make just a handful of the pops. 
Regular pie pips would be our choice using our own dough recipe and something different for heavy cream, making this a healthy snack.

 Crepes Cookbook: Top 50 Crepes Recipes Ready In Just 10 Minutes-Deliciously Upgraded Desserts, Breakfast, Even Fast, Fun Dinners
Starts out explaining about crepes and the utensils you will need.
Batter is very basic things you'd have on hand in your house along with other diets: gluten free, etc. Also explains how to make them with special folding and cooking instructions.

Pumpkin Pied: A Gray Whale Inn Short Story
Story set on an island off the coast of Maine where it's Halloween time and the Pumpkin Festival is about to begin.
So many mysteries surround the town.
There are many categories to judge. The corn maze one night is engulfed in flames and other Town folk think that will scare the buyers in purchasing the land.
Great story in a good setting around a good holiday with a handful of people this is part of a series but I didn't feel left out in the dark an excerpt from the next book is enclosed along with three recipes that won ribbons in the judging

Entwined with you  by  Sylvia Day and Jill Redfield
Have read other works by the author and enjoyed them. This one has a lot more sex than storyline.
It's on fire throughout the book. Ava and Gideon are together and at times it's like reading 50 shades, very erotic, very detailed.
Like storyline but the sex gets in the way too often. They both work in NY and her father finds out about a past incident that her mother had tried to keep from the ex husband-Ava's father.
It comes to light now and others are on her tail so that part of the book is interesting as we find out more details and what is being done to safeguard her.
Wow surprising ending....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Star Wars BB8 and R2D2 Crochet Pattern: A stitch by stitch guide with pictures and easy to follow instructions
Have never had a crochet ornament pattern for star wars characters.
Each pattern starts out with a color photo, vague yarn needed and instructions on how to make.
Each part of the ornament is broken up into it's own section showing details with pictures along with written instructions.
Never states how much yarn but has suggestions for colors. No size hook is stated.

Thanksgiving Recipes - 250 Thanksgiving Recipes Cookbook
Starts out with categories of recipes along with link to get a free ebook and then listing of other books by the author.
Other diets are taken into consideration: paleo, vegan and low carb to name a few so there will be something for everybody at your table.
Recipes start with title, ready in minutes and servings and then list of ingredient.
Directions are included but no pictures and no nutritional information.

Sweet & Simplified: 33 Delicious Desserts & How to Bake Them
Book starts out with what to expect from this book and what you will need in the way of supplies, baking pans. Recipes are broken up into difficulty levels.
Starts with tips and then the recipes.
Recipe starts with a color photo and prep, total time to make and servings, list of supplies and ingredient list,
along with instructions on how to make them. No nutritional information.
Might be able to substitute for fat content as many use butter or shortening.
Each level also has other than cookie recipes, cakes and other desserts are included.

And So Autumn Leaves
middle age book about a boy named Ben and the seasons he loves.
The Fall season and loves to rake the leaves. He and his dad have a great time.
One day he comes home from school to find the leaves in the yard gone.
Follow the trail to the shed where he meets a boy who he called Sam.
He tells Ben he has no name, he has no clothes, he is cold and Ben helps him.
They do a lot of different things together even as meals at Ben's house. Strange transformation takes place and he no longer resembles saying just like two seasons how they transform into the next season.

Scary Halloween Stories: Five New Stories Kids Will Love (Children's Story Book Book 1)
Children's book with drawings. The gang this year has decided to take their candy to those less fortunate to even trick or treat.
They see a lot of scary things in people's houses and on the lawns.
Lots of stories to frighten the kids but not give them bad dreams.

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