Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Books read Jan 31, 2017

Hickory Road Ramblings, Essays and Photographs on Life and Gardening
Enjoyed this book because it's not only about her garden but photographs and other important seasonal things that occur over time.
Love how she is preparing the garden, planning what crops to grow during the winter months-we do the same thing, even have the seeds bought.
Good memories of the flowers and how she decided where they will grow.
Photographs are stunning!  Winter Lace is my favorite as I am relate to what she's knitting and seeing outside.
A master gardener that reminds me so much of my mother as she'd sleep with window open year round also and loved just tossing seeds outside and the wonder of what they'd produce one day.

Health and Nutrition December 2016
Lots of good nutritional information along with winter disorders and other signs to look out for about other diseases.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading De vice).

 Three Men in a Boat (Xist Classics) 
Story of three men and how they plan to camp out while traveling around in a boat.
So many things can go wrong and so do and how they deal with it.

 Tiny Homes: The Ultimate Guide To Small House Living Lifestyle
Lots of useful information about tiny houses. How to plan for one, would you enjoy living in one and where are all considerations.
Resources available.

Baking Methods: An Easy Baking Cookbook Filled With Simple Baking Methods for Quiches, Biscuits, and Muffins  by BookSumo Press
Free ebooks link at start of this book.
Starts out with recipes for muffins. Each recipe includes title, ingredients and instructions on how to make them.
Chart with prep and cooking time and total time.
Also a chart showing nutritional information but FAT is not broken up into good or bad.
Cookie and cake and quiches chapters are also enclosed. You should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.

Apple Recipes: The Ultimate Guide!  by Danielle Caples
Each recipe has prep, cook and ready in time and servings.
List of ingredients, and detailed directions. No pictures and no nutritional information.
Some of the breakfast items use prepared biscuits.  Desserts and pasta dishes are featured.
Soups and sandwiches also using apples. Found a few recipes I could use with my substitutions for our dietary needs.

Murder at Lambswool Farm
Back at Sea Harbor and they need to save the local farm.
Their town actually has a doctor who makes house visits. Dr. Allan has taken on a docter who buys half the business and he has no more heirs to continue on the family practice.
Glen comes to town and has a medical background but also wants to write a story about the town, especially the history surrounding the medical practice. He delivers two sheep one night and the doctor has been murdered.
Arsenic poisoning. Women of the knitting group try to solve who did it-they know Glen's car was fixed within a day but he stayed on many days after. Maybe it was the partner in the business, maybe the handicapped man Dr. Allan had fired...there is also no will....
Love talks of gardening, farm and sea shore.  Shrimp recipe and felted bowl knit pattern included from farm dinner table.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Seaside Knitters. Books 10-11  by Goldenbaum_ Sally
Have read the other books by this author and have enjoyed not only the knitting part but mysteries surrounding how they solve a death in their seaside community.
Like knitting tips along the way.  Like they have a family tree of characters at the very beginning.
Trimmed with Murder
Christmas and Charlie has volunteered to help at the free clinic. He stopped to pick up Amber who has a relative in town. Neither has been back since they were young...
Story follows them and many others in the small community. Things with being small everybody knows everybody's business.
Love the pattern for the tree and also food recipe.

Stories to make you feel better by Bennett Cerf
Great stories especially liked the trucker having a meal in a diner and 3 bikers come in and mess with his food and drink. Trucker gets up, pays for his meal and leaves.
They tell the waiter he's not much of a fighter. Waiter says he's not much of a truck driver, he just ran over 3 motorcycles. Many subjects, i can see these in reader's digest. good chuckles.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Blizzard by Susan Teter
Story of a small community in England where they are due for a big storm. The snow hits and we learn of how others have prepared for it
and what they do during and after the snowfall. Love the parts about the Christmas get together and all the food that is brought.
Lots of drama about others personal secret life's.

Getting Dirty by Kat Latham
Was a bit disappointed to read the book and to find out it abruptly ends and there are excerpts from many others in the series.
Just thought it was going to be a complete book but as the title states it's only a sampler.

Photography: Complete Guide to Taking Stunning,Beautiful Digital Pictures (Photography Tutorials Book 1) by Nicole Woods
What I like about this book is it explains in English the parts of the camera even showing pictures-as not all cameras are the same.
Lot of components of the camera are discussed and shown in examples with pictures.
So many interesting chapters of things you don't normally think of: getting permission to photograph people, printing photos, and editing them.
Bonus video on how to take pictures with your iphone is included.

Photography: guide to taking stunning beautiful pictures DSLR photography and smart phones by jonathan cooper
Introduction and how to use your camera is explained.  Each component is described in detail.
Gives you examples to try when taking a picture and then tells you how to change it up.
Liked the sections about photographing outside and also the mistakes one makes.

Photoshop: Learn The Basics Of Photoshop And Start Creating Amazing Photos In No Time! (Step by Step Pictures, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography)
Useful information on how to use this program for your pc to edit your pictures taken from your camera. Lots of different advice depending on the effect you want to create.
I have used other editing programs and have never used this one-don't even have it but information should be able to be used for most editing programs.

Best Crock Pot: Over 50 Amazing Recipes To Eat Well If You’re Tight On Time by David Cook
Intro about crock pot starts off this book along with benefits you will get from using this cookbook.
Few pictures. Has nutritional information but FAT is not broken up into good and bad fat.
Each recipe includes title, prep, cooking time and servings.
List of ingredients and how to put the dish together. You might be able to substitute for healthier choice as per your dietary needs.
Some ingredients I am not familiar with so not sure if you can get them at a regular grocery store.
Halfway through the recipes no longer have nutritional information and format is a bit different, like they copied it from another source?

Children's Book of Magic: 30 Magic Tricks for Young Wizards (Educational series for kids 4-9 years)  by Konrad Modzelewski
Great ideas on how to get kids interested by showing them with pictures in slow motion along with written words what they are to do.
I found the pages a bit too cluttered to concentrate on what I was to do.
Comic type pages are very cluttered, hard to find the words.
Lots of encouragement and how to do the tricks so they are easier to do.

Protein Bars at Home: Healthy DIY Protein Bar Recipes - A Homemade Protein Diet Cookbook for Fitness, Weight Lifting, Building Muscles and Nutritious Personal Training
Always looking for things we can take with us on the go for our hiking trips.
Each recipe includes title name and ingredient list and how to assemble them into bars.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information but the ingredient list are on the healthy side.
Not a bunch to choose from and we will have to go to the store to buy special ingredients.

Bulletproof Diet Cookbook - Quick and Easy Bulletproof Diet Recipes to Lose Weight, Feel Energized and Gain Radiant Health and Optimal Focus
Glanced through this cookbook and found it was not for me. We rely on much more for our lifestyle so we don't have to take pills for food group we are not getting.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the beginning and end.
Intro talks about the bulletproof way of doing things.
Each recipe has a summary of what the dish will do for you. Has servings, prep and cook time. Ingredient list I'm not sure I'd be able to find the ingredients unless I raised the chicken eggs and fed them myself.
Directions are included.  Has smoothies to make also.

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