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Book Reviews of Author Kelly Strenge Books

Books by Kelly Strenge


The Truth About Cancer educates children about cancer in a very honest, lighthearted, and inspiring way. It speaks to children about what cancer is, how it is treated, and the effect it can have on someone's life. After reading this book, it is my hope that children will no longer be afraid of cancer and come to have a better understanding of it.

Author and Bio:

I was inspired to begin writing children's books during a relapse of my husband's cancer, a battle which we have been fighting for over nine years. My own two children began to ask questions and I realized how little they understood about a difficult topic like cancer. Since then, I have made it my objective to write children's books on a wide variety of challenging topics to educate children and help them cope.

As a child, I endured the death of my brother; verbal, physical, and psychological abuse; my parent's divorce; and my father's mental illness. I write about this subject matter because I lived it. However, my faith has gotten me through it all. None of these things define who I am or what I can do. I want to help other children in similar situations by giving them resources and knowledge that I didn't have.

My Review:

The truth about Cancer by Kelly Strenge
Wanted to read this book because we do have young children in our family and with odds of somebody getting cancer the book would be able to prepare us in how to talk to the kids. I am terrified of cancer myself and I think children would be able to see that in how I talk to them.  This book would make it easier.
What I like about this book are the colors on the pages-they are not vibrant and brilliant, they are calming with muted tones to help relax you.
The story starts out by reading to your child about what cancer really is, showing parts of the body and what is happening inside but in a way as not to scare the child. There are so many inspiring, positive thoughts in this book it reinforces that others are also around to help you.
Enjoyed this book for such a devastating diagnosis because you have to have faith and hope. I was afraid to read this book thinking it would terrify me even more. Glad I got over the fear and read it through to the end as it's calming and filled with faith and hope through the stages.
I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.


Princess Faith is the first book in a new children's faith-based fiction book series.
It is a tale of a princess whose magical power is waving her wand and making the Bible appear whenever she doesn't know what to do in any given situation. It offers her guidance and wisdom. Who doesn't want a book like that?

My Review:

Princess Faith by Kelly Strenge
Have read another book by this author and thought this one would be a good addition.
Some of the pages for me, with my eye problems are difficult to see the words due to the background color.
This book starts out with the teddy Bear Princess Faith and their school has a new student, Harper. Although they are not the same as the others Faith doesn't know what to do about it.
She tries to help them fit in and doesn't know what to say. When the others start calling Harper names at recess she knows what she has to do.
I like the imagination of a wand waving and the Bible appearing with the answer to the situation. Love they can find the answer in the Bible for everyday problems.
Like how Faith gets the others to understand and how that changes how they treat Harper.  Love colors on the pages as they are calming and can see this series going a long way to solving everyday problems.
I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.

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