Friday, February 3, 2017

Books read Feb 3

Stone Lake by Phil M. Williams
Book starts out with Jon and he's on his way home to his cabin in the woods but Morgan runs into the back of his truck.
He owns part of the excavating business along with his ex wife and her new husband-his ex best friend. Love that when he negotiates the work detail he will pitch in along with the workers so nobody has to work on Sunday.
Morgan is running away from her fiance and they become romantically involved. Love the secret place, garden and everything in the woods.
Descriptive details that make you feel you ARE there. Love travel especially to the beach house-priceless. He then finds out more about her real life and I didn't see this going that way, WHOA. Lots of things in the past really matter now-to prove her innocence he goes out of his way to help.
Lost it when he received the envelope, WOW full circle. Could tell, without seeing it that this book was written by a man because there's no real drama (like females usually write) just the facts. Love how he deals with his mother, finally.
Love the sex but more the romance. Love how they use their hands to do their jobs. Love learning new things and about new locations.
Love this is not a predictable story, so many twists and turns-took my breath away.
Can't wait to read more from this author. Easy to keep track of the characters, over time with others thrown in to keep the story flowing. Like how the author writes about what he knows-it's just more real for the reader.
Hope there is another book in this series about his next adventures. I pick one or two books per month as my favorite and this one is gonna be hard to beat for the year!

Perfect Moments by Autumn Jordan
Short story about Elizabeth and she's a solider, on her way home from the war. She recalls when she had first met her husband, Bob.
She and Avery talk to one another with the long hours ahead of them to pass the time. Good recollections of the life they each lead.

Essentials of slow cooking: 25 fresh ieas for braises, stews, pot roasts and other one pot meals by Jeff Madison
Table of contents has title of recipe and links for ingredient and one for directions.
Starts out with why it's a good idea to use the slow cooker-you can even make enough to freeze for another week or month.
We do the same thing in our pressure cooker which is also a slow cooker but I can make a stew in 30 minutes and not have to cook it for 8 hours.
Each recipe includes title, prep time, cooking time and servings. List of ingredients and directions.
The nutritional information does not break up fat portion into good and bad fats. Also does not list sodium.
There are no pictures. You should be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs.
Zucchini bread would be my choice to make but not too keen on using sweetener and almond flour, coconut flour.

Doctor Kangaroo By Gerald Hawksley
Like this colorful children's book because there are many animals and they all have problems and rush to Dr. Kangaroo to get cured.
Problem is one day they find him in bed, bandaged up-like he's always telling them....
Cute rhyming stores at the end. Puzzles and riddles also.

Lasagna Gardening: An Introduction To No-Dig Vegetable Gardening Using Sheet Composting by James Paris
Love this book for the composting sections as it goes into much detail on various ways to use composting.
Now I know what I was doing wrong and how to fix it.

The Little Crow Who Could Not CAW!  by Rick Beckrich
Children's colorful about the crows in a family who are named with same rhyming patterns.
Cute story as they try to figure out what's wrong with the smallest one.

Pork Chops 101: How to Make Over 25 Pork Chop Recipes to Leave Your Mouth Watering by Martha Stephenson
Each recipe includes a summary and servings, total prep time. Ingredient list and how to make the dish are included.
There are no nutritional information and no pictures but you might be able to substitute for your healthy dietary needs.
Simple oven fried pork chops would be the one we try with some substitutions.

30 Delicious Brownie & Bar Recipes by Lori Burke
Each recipe has a summary of the dish and ingredient list along with how to make the dish. There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
I found some of the recipes I could substitute for our dietary needs with no problem.
Different combinations sound interesting and worth a try.
I felt the recipes contained way too much butter or other fats and would be too salty for us.

Gardening: How to Get Started With Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden (Gardening for Beginners)
This book I liked for many reasons. Very conise information about what is needed and when for your garden.
Tells you what plants and flower seeds compliment each other and will draw bees to pollinate.
Love section on composting and the charts breaking up green and brown sections and how to use them.
Recipe included along with free ebooks.

Natures Viewpoint 2 by Thomas Hollyday
Cute monthly collections of cartoon characters along with a sketch and also a phrase or two. Sketches go along with typical things that occur during the months they are shown in.
After viewing them I could not find just one that I really liked as they are all good and will put a smile on your face.
Be wicked cool to have one for every day of the year.

The Kerrigans. Books 1-2 by Johnstone_ William W - Johnstone_ J. A
Have read many of the authors other works and have enjoyed the westerns.
A Texas Destiny a clan of pioneers as they are making their way to the west.
Kate Kerrigan, a mother of 5 and they leave TN after the death of her spouse. They head to western TX via Kansas where they meet an important person in their life.
They leave a troubled past behind where one is wanted for questioning...Hagger gives them everything they could ever want-a house, ranch and land for a cattle farm.
Renegades and tornadoes and you wonder how they are to survive.


The Lawless
Kate takes in many who help her and the ranch. Others from the east want her land and cattle and have hired guns.
She has a few that will help her but it's not enough. Others tell her to winter in a warmer climate and then return...
Lots of struggles and deaths as they fight for their land and family.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker: 21 Amazing & Stupidly Simple Slow Cooker Recipes by Eva Reinhard
Each recipe has ingredient list and how to make.
No pictures and no nutritional information. Ingredients include prepackaged foods you'd just really need to heat them up with a jar of spaghetti sauce-for example.

Chase me by Laura Florand
This author is new to me and I enjoyed this read because of the careers of Chase and Vi. Interesting combination. Love the location.
Easy to keep track of the characters as there are just a handful. Chase is there for intel-he's to protect the president and his family who will dine at the restaurant-that's the story he tells he owner-Vi who stops him in his place late one night.
She's intrigued by this story and I love how she handles her knives. Lots of action, mystery and sex. Although this was part of a series I did not feel like I was left in the dark.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Pressure Cooker cookbook Delicious quick and easy recipes for all the family
Each recipe has ingredient list, servings, prep time and how to put the meal together.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Love this book because it can be for any pressure cooker and instructions are clear and ingredients are fresh.
I make my hard boiled eggs a bit different but still same process-through trial and error on my part.

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