Sunday, April 30, 2017

Books read Apr 2017

The Legend of the Lake by Phil Nork
Book sounded interesting and I can't put the book down. It will be one of my favorite for this month.
Starts out in early 1900's when the grandfather and grandmother buy into a land development in southern WI where they go to visit every weekend leaving the big city in IL for much deserved time off.
Over the years they get to make suggestions as to what they want the area to be and how things change over time, including children. Author is so descriptive you can smell what the air is like and see the layout of the development as if you are there.
Love this book because it's about the same timeframe of when I grew up and I can recall playing outside with all our cousins as we all lived next door to one another.  Our grandparents beach house had one big open living/bed area and one kitchen with no electric, just propane and bottled water. Bathrooms were in a separate building.
Wicked cool memories as they bring a tear to my eye of awesome upbringing as the children grow up and I love the message of the book: A person never knows when someone will enter their life and broaden their horizons forever. What a treasure!  Foreign language in also replied to in English terms so you get the gist and are not left in the dark. Love saying about God and what rain means-priceless!
The people met over the years and the inventions created are so cool to hear about. Love the legends and we also had the same one about waiting one hour after eating before swimming again...
Love closeness of the family and how they grow forward together.  Can't wait to read more from this author. Miss values we grew up with-a handshake was better than any written document. Such open and honest interactions between the characters.
Mix this all with baseball-no matter what team and 8mm family movies and you have an awesome read.
Met via Facebook, got a review copy and this is my honest review.

Photo Backdrop Secrets - DIY! 
Have read many other booklets by the author and have not only learned new things but found them interesting.
Free bonus books linked in this book.
Lots of techniques are discussed and what each will produce in the way of the photo.
Lots of photos so you can see for yourself the differences. So much information about lights be sure to re read this book a few times.
Love the exercises along the way to try for yourself and how to do them and the results.

Elphie and Dad go on an Epic adventure (Elphie's books Book 1) by Hagit R. Oron
Was alerted to this book by the author at Facebook. Was happy to get it to review as there are many important lessons to be learned.
Family of a dad and son elephant and the dad wants to make chocolate milk for his son who doesn't want to go to the store.
Very colorful children's story about how they do venture out and find all kinds of neat things that entertain them along the way. The son is also taught lessons on how to behave while near the road.
Liked especially the imagination used in their travels as we do the same with our grandson on walks or bike riding.  Love that you can see the words on the pages, either light words on dark background or vice versa.
No difficult words and the parent should read the book with their child.
Met author via Facebook and was given a review copy and this is my honest review.

Instant Pot Cookbook: An Extensive Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook with 225 Fast, Easy, and Healthy Recipes for Incredibly Delicious and Nourishing Meals
This book contains actually two instant pot recipe cookbooks.
First section I just reviewed on April 17th at my blog so won't repeat here. The second half of the book is called a complete instant pot pressure cooker cookbook with 115 fast easy and irresistible recipes for amazingly tasty and healthy meals.
It also has the same intro chapters: what is pressure cooking, why you get one, how does it work, keeping the pot clean and how to convert slow cooker recipes.
Has sections for breakfast, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegan,  paleo, snacks and sides, desserts and other works by the author along with free ebooks.
Each recipe has title, servings, time to make and prep and cook, summary of the dish, list of ingredients and step by step instruction in how to use with the instant one pot. No pictures and has some nutritional information. Fat is NOT broken up into good or bad fat, and also no sodium is listed.
You should be able to substitute for your dietary needs using liquid eggs, fat free and low sodium ingredients, big plus is using fresh vegetables and herbs and spices.

 Weight Watchers Smart Points Cookbook: 100 Under 10 by Erin Borden
Enjoyed this book although I do not follow the system as described. We are on a Mediterranean lifestyle so a lot of the dishes in this book we can actually eat.
Starts out with with WW is and smart point and how they work.. Categories of soups, vegetarian recipes, chicken, seafood which I loved the best, pork, beef chapters also.
Each recipe starts out with a color photo and list of ingredients. Most call for fat free or low sodium liquids along with fresh produce.
Instruction in how to make the dish, along with servings, smart points, and some nutritional information: has calories, total fat, carbs and proteins. The fat is not broken up into good and bad fat. There is also no sodium levels.

Red is for Rookie by Anne Greene
Was happy to learn I had won a copy of this book to read. Sounded like a good one and I was right.
Starts out with Holly and she and her best friend Matt, who are both PI's are watching over the night at the Meet and Greet Valentine's event that her mother had planned.
Something goes terribly wrong and Matt is kidnapped. Holly finds the clues and pieces it all together after talking with a few hands full of people. There are so many to name but so easy to keep track of.
With the help of God and her friends, family and suspects and cops she hopes to find the missing piece to the puzzle.
Lots of action, bit of romance, finding clues and where to look for them and especially like the rules noted as they resemble ones from Gibbs NCIS TV show. Very entertaining story and can see another to make this a saga series. The door is open for all that and more.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review.

Romancing Dr. Love by Rebecca Heflin
Sounded like a good story line about chemistry and results..
She's an assistant professor and doing research on chemistry and link with love. Her parents are sex therapy doctors in NY
Ethan is a professional at Sterling College also and his father has recently passed away so he keeps an extra eye out for his mother hoping to get her out of the house, doing anything to keep her busy.
Ethan helps her out with her car and invites Samatha Love for a date. They discuss her ex boyfriend and he wonders why they are together. He had brought her flowers for their date and that is her first time of getting them.
Such an easy thoughtful thing. Love dinner on the water-it's something my husband or I would've cooked up in the middle of Northeast winter day.
Love hearing of the experiments and the links between everything she is researching... Predictable not only does their blood match but the survey they each had filled out...
Events occur that break them up and jobs get in the way, there's no way they will ever be together...or is there?
Cute short story, enjoyed. Excerpt from another story is included.
Received from publisher and this is my honest review.

April 2017 Book Fun Magazine
Was intrigued by the picture as it is very similar to a picture I have of my husband in his younger days with hair the same color along with beard and mustache!
Always enjoy this magazine every month as it tells me of what books are coming out and more than the summary about them, more indepth information about the author, their family or their life work.
Takes a bit of time to load into my tablet as the pictures are very high quality.
Like the color wheel and God, imaginative!
Found a bunch more new authors works I want to read because they contained summaries but much more to understand about the author and their family.
Love Cheri Swalwell's sampling of religion-how cool is this! Also like catching up with the coffee dude as I refer to Gregory Hines as. Love his stories of the mission in his life and surrounding home lands. So many new authors to choose books from!
So many other author's works which I've read, always great to catch up with their latest books.  Love the interview with Tony Martin and can't wait to read his book.
You should think about joining this free club:

SFTH: Living a Life of Obedience by Cheri Swalwell
Have read many of the authors works in the past several days. Hope I've kept them straight with my reviews.
Starts out with other works by the author of which I've read a large majority of.
Enjoyed the authors explanation of how the scriptures and passages from the Bible come into everyday life.
I was given the book by the author who I met via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Spoken from The Heart:Walking in Freedom by Cheri Swalwell
Have read many of the authors works in the past several days. Hope I've kept them straight with my reviews.
Very upbeat uplifting book about how you got this and God is behind you also.
Everyday instances of hope through faith and belief in God.
Listening was also another key one we just discovered this past week visiting relatives across the country. Technology got in the way of us hearing what was being said.
Strong powerful messages in this book.  Amazing explanation about the fear of winter driving, I also suffer from that.
I was given the book by the author who I met via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Spoken from The Heart: Connections by Cheri Swalwell
Have read many of the authors works in the past several days. Hope I've kept them straight with my reviews.
Have enjoyed them all.
This one starts out with examples of how she follows God in her everyday life and asks how you can do the same.
These books give you themes to really think about and how you can make the changes you really want to make. Love the comfort zone and getting out of it from time to time also.
Appreciate hearing of her journeys through the years and how she's made changes while quoting passages and scriptures from the Bible.
Hadn't even realized what I do when I'm mowing the lawn, ironing and doing laundry-mediating.
Like references to other works and some of the previous books I've read from the author-to drive home the point that is being made. Other works by the author are highlighted.
I was given the book by the author who I met via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Spoken from the Heart: Blessed By His Love BY Cheri Swalwell
Have read many of the authors works in the past several days. Hope I've kept them straight with my reviews.
So easy to understand meaningful messages of hope for us all.
Insight into how God loves us and shows us with blessings. Love the chapter on music-can't get enough to get me in the mood.
I was given the book by the author who I met via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Spoken From The Heart: Parenting 101 by Cheri Swalwell
Have read many of the authors works in the past several days. Hope I've kept them straight with my reviews.
A spirit week, SO creative and fun!
Like other book titles as I've read many of the same books and or authors
Gifts from our parents I was with my parents as they fought for guardianship of my deceased brothers three children in court one day and something came up as we waited to be heard by the judge.
I was there to show support and if needed I'd babysit or anything my parents needed me to do. We saw many handcuffed and someone commented about the amount of them and I said our parents raised us too good so we know nothing other than that and how to treat others.
Brought tears to my parents eyes.
Geek time - we ran into a problem with his during our trip to the west coast. I would knit and use my tablet, others were busy with theirs, not realizing the grandson just wanted our full attention and it dawned on me one night as we left to spend the night at the hotel. The next day upon arriving back no pc's were put on and the child was a fun loving one again.
Keep pc time to a minimum because you can lose yourself in doing things on it. Face to face communication is the best.
I was given the book by the author who I met via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

 25 Pasta Recipes YOU Will Fall in Love with  by Robert Pratt
This book includes pictures, no nutritional information.
Has list of ingredients and some are not as healthy as they could be.
Servings and prep time and how to make the dish.
Has ome really good ideas for fish recipes.

DIY Projects: 15 Insanely Easy to Make DIY Home Projects by Tom Richardson
Really great ideas for inside and out. Especially like the idea of lights on the ceiling and am thinking how to make it happen in my house.

Wanted to read this book because I like how the author describes everything in such detail she makes you feel you are there.
This one starts out with William Wentworth of his father's development company and he's been sent down to Conroy, Alabama and it's the year 1959. There is just one ice cream shop owned by women who won't sell so the company can remake the whole area around the college town.
Story also follows Jean Stewart and her mother who own and run the ice cream shop. William arrives in town and gives her an alias name and does overhear their money troubles while dining at the hotel lounge one night...
He listens to her story and dreams and knows what he can do to make it all right but will she ever forgive him for lying about his name and why he's in town?
Clean romance and think another book for a series could be written about their lives today or their kids lives and how the town grew over the years.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Pursuing Gold: A Novel of the Civil War by Cynthia Simmons
Love the time frame of this book and the story line.
Starts out with Peter Chandler and with the death of his father he's inherited the problems at the bank.
His business partners daughter Mary Beth is also trying to help. Like how each get an alternating chapter so we hear what's going on from their perspective.
Her ailing father is about to die and he makes Peter promise to take care of Mary Beth, even marry her. They grew up together through the years. Her house will now board Confederate troops as the war gets closer to them, as does the spies from the North.
Loved hearing of all the plants, herbs she used to make cures for her ailing father. People in those time were very resourceful with what they had on hand.
Mary and Peter both fear for the bank and they also agree to go along with wedding plans-for her father's sake.
Peter and his mother and twelve year old sister will travel to safer location but Ruth doe snot want to go...
She doubts God is there for them due to the war and her father very ill....Her and Peter are able to discuss it to ease each other minds.
Love mystery of counterfeit money, love the clues they find...
Love the link between gold and God, interesting. Discussion questions at the end of the book and appendix of words/phrases used and author's notes. Would like to read more from this author.
I was given the book by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.

MEDITERRANEAN DIET: Vol.3 Dinner Recipes by Charity Wilson
First is about how healthy Med food can be and what you can substitute for a healthier option.
Each recipe starts with a brief summary of the dish, servings and list of ingredients which are fresh and healthy.
Directions and some nutritional information is included: calories, carbs, fat-NOT broken up into good and bad, and protein,
There are NO pictures. Thank you ebooks are listed. Love seafood recipes and  can't wait to try several.

Children's Book: THE THINGS I'M GRATEFUL FOR (Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 4-8): Fun Stories About Being Grateful and Fun Activities! (Happy Kid Books Book 3) by Arnie Lightning
We'll be having a Thanksgiving feast this weekend and it's always interesting to learn as we go around the table what others are most grateful for.
Cute colorful children's stories.
This book is about Thanksgiving time and relatives are coming to help celebrate.
Jordan talks others into making the celebration a happy one for everyone.
Another chapter is about Carlo and his breaks his ankle at Thanksgiving time.
He was sad because he'd not be able to play in fall soccer. He just wants to skip the holiday this year til he talks to his cousin Frankie.
Book also includes fun activity sections. Other stories and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Fun puzzles and mazes are included and a free ebook gift.

50 Delicious Waffle Recipes For Breakfast by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe includes a short summary of the dish, list of ingredients
and how to prepare the dish using a heated waffle iron.
Comes with serving suggestions.
There are no pictures.
There is no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute that one third cup of butter melted for a healthier option
Looked at the apple recipes specifically and think with liquid eggs and low fat milk and a sub for the butter I can get it to be something we could eat.

Gator Goes by Bike by Keenan Hopson
Children's colorful story about how animals get to work
everyday. Some of the pages are hard to read the text on
dark background. So many different animals travel to work in a different way
and are shown in colorful pictures how they get to work.
When they arrive at work they change into the uniforms of their job and you'd never guess where they all work.
Cute story

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Quick and Easy Weight Watchers Recipes by Kathleen Penland
Starts in with soup and stew recipes.
Has title, total time, servings, smart points. Color photo and list of ingredients, mostly fresh items and how to make the dish.
Nutritional information includes calories, fat, sat. fat, carbs, sugar, protein and cholesterol.
Love that it uses the low sodium variety of items and has very basic as well ads detailed harder recipes-if you have the time.
Simple chicken soup will be one I will try as I never knew when to add the egg noodles and for long much longer to cook them for.
Chicken recipes follow and lettuce wraps sounds like a nice lunch item.
Pork dishes I plan to try pork chops with rice tonight as I have pork thawing out.
Beef and lamb recipes follow. Between meatloaf, beef stew and chili I want to try them all...
Vegetarian dishes and gluten free ones are included.

Harry The Happy Mouse  By N K
A colorful rhyming children's story about Harry the mouse and he likes to walk around meeting other animals. Very colorful.
The animals learn it is nice to help others who need your help and it makes you feel grand.
At times it is difficult to read the words because of the script used.
Other activities, games and fun pages are included at the end.

The Adventures of Andy the Acorn
Like this children's book because it shows the pictures on the left and words on the right hand side of the pages.
Very colorful and this is a story of an acorn hanging around on a tree. The acorn, Andy wants to travel around.
His father explains it's their job to just be there for the world. Father tells his son how they provide shade and other things with hope and promise of tomorrow.
Shows children playing nearby and squirrels gathering the nuts.
Before you know it, Andy is being flown around the sky from a bird that is holding him.
Hawk shows Andy his favorite places. He then meets a deer and he tells him what the area helps him with.
They do not have people but Andy has family....They all explain how much they rely on the trees and Andy starts getting homesick...

56 DASH Main Courses by Alisha Morgan
Explains how DASH diet can lower the amount of sodium in your diet and encourage you to eat healthier foods.
Other health benefits are also listed.
Has a plan of how much of one product you should eat per day-sodium is 2300 mg, also lists other components, sat. fat, etc.
Next chapter is what to eat and how many servings per day and they give examples.
Grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, lean protein, nut, seeds, legumes, fats and oils, sweets and sugars.
Also chart with calories intake per above items.
Spices and seasonings are also listed and has a summary of what each tastes like.
Listings of foods to watch out for .
Breakfast dishes starts with title, servings, list of ingredients, very healthy and fresh along with directions.
List nutritional information per serving of sodium, calories, protein, cabs and fat, although fat is not broken up into good and bad fats.
Not sure why they list steak tacos as a breakfast dish...Lots of dishes to choose from...
Vegetarian kebabs sound interesting and a bit healthy as everything is fresh.
Love fish recipes the best.

Arty McSmarty All The Things You'll Do by Jared Twitchell
Very colorful rhyming children's book. Hard to read some of the pages as the lettering is not set on right background.
Kind of gloomy, fearful pages of scary creatures but it also talks about dream catchers.
Imagine being a star and being able to help with the world. Other jobs are rain makers, and what they do.
Other things are described as well in everyday settings. Lots of adventures.
Trivia notes at the end.  and recipe for making an Egyptian desert.

52 Delicious Weekly Salads On The Go by Debbie Watson
Starts with guide to picking your ingredients and how to prepare the salad.
Next is how to prepare your dressing and techniques of using something that will bind the oil and water so you don't have to prepare this every day.
Also how to store the salad and how to make each layer.
Next chapter is the recipes. Each recipe has list of ingredients and how to mix but there are no pictures and no nutritional information. Also comes with how to serve and if you can keep the product for several days ahead or if it has to be used right away.
We'd probably try the basic romaine and cherry tomato salad but not so sure with feta cheese but everything else would be ok for our lifestyle and dietary needs.
There is quite a bit of variety to choose from.

 Photography Hacks Discover How to take amazing digital photos of nature, landscape, and people by Janelle Watkinson
Author starts out with the terms that are most important and their definition.
Lot of tips along the way.
Section on nature and landscapes and rule of thirds.
Section on people and what is most important there.
A preview of cleaning and organizing vol 2 decluttering your lifestyle in 14 days or less
Free ebook of natural therapeutic remedies is included.
These are short brief booklets, not a lot of information in them.

Photography Hacks: the complete extensive guide on how to become a master photographer in 7 days or less by Janelle Watkinson
This book includes the other book I reviewed by the same author and it includes the natural remedies guide also. Not sure why it's included as it has no bearing on photography.
Important photography terms are discussed in detail in this book.
These are short brief booklets, not a lot of information in them.

 Container Herb Gardening: How to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve Herbs Organically by David Stone
Differences of gardening. Sections on container gardening  with some beautiful photos.
Herbs and their uses also has a chart with the herb name and what the uses are.
How to plan your container garden,  what kinds of soil to use  location, and even how to care for it.
Drying and preserving the herbs is also shown and discussed due to all the components involved and also how to use these for gifts.
Also sections on making tea and bath melts,
Problems with using container gardening and how to fix the problems.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Clean eating a 15 day meal plan by Sam Kuma
This book starts in with each day consisting of breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner with linkable recipes.
There are a total of 15 days with different meals for each one.
Recipes are then show where it lists the title, prep time, total time and servings, list of ingredients and I'm pretty sure you can substitute for healthier options for your own dietary needs.
Directions are given on how to make the dish.
There are no pictures, there is no nutritional information provided.

 On my daddy's shoulders by Peter Lawson
Children's very colorful picture book about a child that is put on his daddy's shoulders and the things he is then able to see for himself.
He has quite the imagination as he sees himself flying above the clouds .
Then he's among the stars, in crow's nest on a pirate ship. knight, explorer, busy builders,
a bird and then the day is over...Other works by the author are farm fun and busy machines
Love all the things he sees, pictures are depicted perfectly.

 Farm Fun by Peter Lawson
Children's colorful book about life on the Noisy Farm.
This book matches the sound with the animal making the noise and there is also a game of finding the animal in the picture.
Sheep, ducks, pig, hen, donkey, cow, even the sound of the tractor.
Great book if you live in the city and are not familiar with farm life.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Busy Machines by peter lawson
This colorful children's book shows the operator and also
the machine. Next page tells and shows you how the machine works and why and what it does.
There are eight machines and eight different people who operate them.
There is a guessing game at the end to match them together.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Jungle Fun by Peter Lawson
This colorful children's book shows different jungle
animals and tells you of their sounds.   There are seven different animals.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 How Animals Say I Love You by Michael Gordon
Colorful children's book about different animals and how they say I love you.
Very colorful pages on left side of the book and words are to the right hand pages.
The mother starts out by showing her child about a little giraffe calf and how he shows his mother they love her.
Elephant, deer, puppy, bear, pig, cat, and a calf are also shown.

 Pot pies & Casseroles In One book: A very easy-to-make dish for the whole family by Jennifer Lynn
Each recipe starts out with a title, prep and total time, list of ingredients and how to make the dish. Has servings but no pictures and no nutritional information. Yo might be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs.
Nothing really appealed to me due to high content of fat and sodium.

 How To Cook Restaurant-Quality Burgers by Tony James Miller
Ths book contains lots of hints about equipment and ingredients about how to make the perfect burger.
The recipes include the title, the ingredients is for the burger, list of ingredients is  ingredients is for the toppings
and directions on how to make the burger and how to assemble the burger.
Not only is hamburger used but other forms of meats and poultry.
There are no pictures.
There is no nutritional information.

 Dump Cake Recipes: A Collection Of 26 Fast, Easy & Delicious Dump Cake Recipes by Jenna Jolan
This book starts out with what dump cakes are. Has notes on what to expect and to stay health conscious and how to substitute and use other items to keep them healthy.
If you don't have a cake mix you can always use other ingredients from your pantry.
Recipes start out with a title, list of ingredients you will need and how to make the dish.
Lots of different varieties to choose from.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Free ebook gifts are included.

 DIY Doughnuts: 60 #Delish Homemade Doughnut Recipes (60 Super Recipes Book 28) by Rhonda Belle
Starts out with what ingredients you will need and equipment to make your own doughnuts at home.
Recipes start with list of ingredients and how to make them. There is no nutritional information and no pictures.
Not sure if you can substitute for healthier options...Some are baked. Quite the variety of flavors. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

CROCK POT: 500 Best Crockpot Recipes by Topflight Cookbooks
Talks about requirements of a good crockpot and has charts about cooking times and temperatures.  Lots of tips along the way.
Starts with breakfast dishes. Some can be made overnight.
Each recipe comes with a summary, servings, time to make, list of ingredients and how to put the dish together. Not everything is made in the slow cooker.
There are no pictures and there is no nutritional information.
Has a section for breads and sandwiches, Main dishes, Beef recipes, Pork, fish and seafood,  turkey, lamb, vegetables, soups and stews, other soups, showder and chili, barbecue recipes, side dishes, freezer recipes, appetizers and dips, vegetarian, desserts, sauces and condiments,  paleo recipes, vegetarian sections, and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

  Cloud Messenger: Love and Loss in the India Himalayas by Karen Trollope-Kumar
Book sounded interesting and I know I will learn a lot from it, especially about the Himalayas.
Memoir about the authors life.
Starts out with Karen and she's in the medical field and has a stint in India where she meets Pradeep and they like one another. Love the tours he takes her on while she's there.
They write continually getting to know each other much better-he visits her in Canada after her time has ended and she surprises him with a visit to India where she agrees to marry him. Love that the words spoken in foreign language are stated in English.
Over the years they continue on with their medical help to the people who live far away from hospitals. She finds his is more interested in spirits then medical and she gets help from other Canadians in the area and attends services to help her understand.
Through harsh medical conditions and outbreaks their lives are often in danger and they are separated as Pradeep tries to save the BNA.
Interesting to learn how and what the children must learn once they attend school.
So many challenges, struggles to make a difference in the women's lifes.
Received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

30 Minute Meals: 40 Quick Easy Recipes for Busy Moms by Alexa Cookster
This book starts out with Chicken recipes which include a nice color photo, prep and finish time, list of ingredients and how to make the dish. Also has tips for what to serve it with and servings.
There is no nutritional information.
What I like about this book is that it lists ingredients of low sodium broth and skinless, most of the ingredients are very healthy and fresh.
Has chapters for chicken, beef and port, seafood, pasta and salads, quick easy kitchen tips and other useful things.
Especially like seafood section. can't wait to try a few.

Breakfast Ideas Value Pack II – 200 Recipes For Waffles, Omelets, Coffee Cake and Quick Bread by Pamela Kazmierczak
Each recipe starts with a few sentences about the dish then the list of ingredients. You should be able to substitute for healthier options due to your own dietary needs.
How to prepare the dish and serving suggestions are included.
There are  no pictures.
There is no nutritional information.
Sections for coffee cakes, quick breads, waffle recipes which come from another book I just reviewed:
50 Delicious Waffle Recipes For Breakfast by Pamela Kazmierczak
and omelet recipes.

Instant Pot Cookbook: A Comprehensive Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook with 110 Amazing Recipes for Healthy, Fast, and Delicious Meals
Really like that it has conversions from slow cooker recipes to use in the pressure cooker.
Each recipe has servings, time to make and a summary of the dish.
List of ingredients and how to make it step by step in the instant one pot. Has some nutritional information but fat is not broken up into good and bad. Has no sodium posted either but you should be able to substitute for healthier dietary needs.
Felt some recipes because you have to put the food into individual pots inside the one pot and then move them to the stove to get a crusty top just take way too long to make.

Out of the Frying Pan BY KELLY KLEPFER
Enjoyed this book although it was a bit more like 2 books in one. First if the mystery of the chef found dead at the retirement center and the elderly sisters-in-law investigate on their own.
They also have a niece, KC that comes to visit who had visited before and fallen for the local cop, Jared but they break up as she leaves to go back to work in another location.
Katherine comes to help again and the elderly sisters pair them up together and realize what it is they really have in a relationship. Lots of turmoil, drugs, spies, wedding plans, ongoing love relations, and everyday events a bit tilted.
Like how religion plays a part in this with the explanation of the tattoo.  At times with so many characters things get confusing.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.

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