Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Books read Apr 26

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook: Top 60 Quick and Easy Weight Watchers Recipes by Kathleen Penland
Starts in with soup and stew recipes.
Has title, total time, servings, smart points. Color photo and list of ingredients, mostly fresh items and how to make the dish.
Nutritional information includes calories, fat, sat. fat, carbs, sugar, protein and cholesterol.
Love that it uses the low sodium variety of items and has very basic as well ads detailed harder recipes-if you have the time.
Simple chicken soup will be one I will try as I never knew when to add the egg noodles and for long much longer to cook them for.
Chicken recipes follow and lettuce wraps sounds like a nice lunch item.
Pork dishes I plan to try pork chops with rice tonight as I have pork thawing out.
Beef and lamb recipes follow. Between meatloaf, beef stew and chili I want to try them all...
Vegetarian dishes and gluten free ones are included.

Harry The Happy Mouse  By N K
A colorful rhyming children's story about Harry the mouse and he likes to walk around meeting other animals. Very colorful.
The animals learn it is nice to help others who need your help and it makes you feel grand.
At times it is difficult to read the words because of the script used.
Other activities, games and fun pages are included at the end.

The Adventures of Andy the Acorn
Like this children's book because it shows the pictures on the left and words on the right hand side of the pages.
Very colorful and this is a story of an acorn hanging around on a tree. The acorn, Andy wants to travel around.
His father explains it's their job to just be there for the world. Father tells his son how they provide shade and other things with hope and promise of tomorrow.
Shows children playing nearby and squirrels gathering the nuts.
Before you know it, Andy is being flown around the sky from a bird that is holding him.
Hawk shows Andy his favorite places. He then meets a deer and he tells him what the area helps him with.
They do not have people but Andy has family....They all explain how much they rely on the trees and Andy starts getting homesick...

56 DASH Main Courses by Alisha Morgan
Explains how DASH diet can lower the amount of sodium in your diet and encourage you to eat healthier foods.
Other health benefits are also listed.
Has a plan of how much of one product you should eat per day-sodium is 2300 mg, also lists other components, sat. fat, etc.
Next chapter is what to eat and how many servings per day and they give examples.
Grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, lean protein, nut, seeds, legumes, fats and oils, sweets and sugars.
Also chart with calories intake per above items.
Spices and seasonings are also listed and has a summary of what each tastes like.
Listings of foods to watch out for .
Breakfast dishes starts with title, servings, list of ingredients, very healthy and fresh along with directions.
List nutritional information per serving of sodium, calories, protein, cabs and fat, although fat is not broken up into good and bad fats.
Not sure why they list steak tacos as a breakfast dish...Lots of dishes to choose from...
Vegetarian kebabs sound interesting and a bit healthy as everything is fresh.
Love fish recipes the best.

Arty McSmarty All The Things You'll Do by Jared Twitchell
Very colorful rhyming children's book. Hard to read some of the pages as the lettering is not set on right background.
Kind of gloomy, fearful pages of scary creatures but it also talks about dream catchers.
Imagine being a star and being able to help with the world. Other jobs are rain makers, and what they do.
Other things are described as well in everyday settings. Lots of adventures.
Trivia notes at the end.  and recipe for making an Egyptian desert.

52 Delicious Weekly Salads On The Go by Debbie Watson
Starts with guide to picking your ingredients and how to prepare the salad.
Next is how to prepare your dressing and techniques of using something that will bind the oil and water so you don't have to prepare this every day.
Also how to store the salad and how to make each layer.
Next chapter is the recipes. Each recipe has list of ingredients and how to mix but there are no pictures and no nutritional information. Also comes with how to serve and if you can keep the product for several days ahead or if it has to be used right away.
We'd probably try the basic romaine and cherry tomato salad but not so sure with feta cheese but everything else would be ok for our lifestyle and dietary needs.
There is quite a bit of variety to choose from.

 Photography Hacks Discover How to take amazing digital photos of nature, landscape, and people by Janelle Watkinson
Author starts out with the terms that are most important and their definition.
Lot of tips along the way.
Section on nature and landscapes and rule of thirds.
Section on people and what is most important there.
A preview of cleaning and organizing vol 2 decluttering your lifestyle in 14 days or less
Free ebook of natural therapeutic remedies is included.
These are short brief booklets, not a lot of information in them.

Photography Hacks: the complete extensive guide on how to become a master photographer in 7 days or less by Janelle Watkinson
This book includes the other book I reviewed by the same author and it includes the natural remedies guide also. Not sure why it's included as it has no bearing on photography.
Important photography terms are discussed in detail in this book.
These are short brief booklets, not a lot of information in them.

 Container Herb Gardening: How to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve Herbs Organically by David Stone
Differences of gardening. Sections on container gardening  with some beautiful photos.
Herbs and their uses also has a chart with the herb name and what the uses are.
How to plan your container garden,  what kinds of soil to use  location, and even how to care for it.
Drying and preserving the herbs is also shown and discussed due to all the components involved and also how to use these for gifts.
Also sections on making tea and bath melts,
Problems with using container gardening and how to fix the problems.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Clean eating a 15 day meal plan by Sam Kuma
This book starts in with each day consisting of breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner with linkable recipes.
There are a total of 15 days with different meals for each one.
Recipes are then show where it lists the title, prep time, total time and servings, list of ingredients and I'm pretty sure you can substitute for healthier options for your own dietary needs.
Directions are given on how to make the dish.
There are no pictures, there is no nutritional information provided.

 On my daddy's shoulders by Peter Lawson
Children's very colorful picture book about a child that is put on his daddy's shoulders and the things he is then able to see for himself.
He has quite the imagination as he sees himself flying above the clouds .
Then he's among the stars, in crow's nest on a pirate ship. knight, explorer, busy builders,
a bird and then the day is over...Other works by the author are farm fun and busy machines
Love all the things he sees, pictures are depicted perfectly.

 Farm Fun by Peter Lawson
Children's colorful book about life on the Noisy Farm.
This book matches the sound with the animal making the noise and there is also a game of finding the animal in the picture.
Sheep, ducks, pig, hen, donkey, cow, even the sound of the tractor.
Great book if you live in the city and are not familiar with farm life.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Busy Machines by peter lawson
This colorful children's book shows the operator and also
the machine. Next page tells and shows you how the machine works and why and what it does.
There are eight machines and eight different people who operate them.
There is a guessing game at the end to match them together.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Jungle Fun by Peter Lawson
This colorful children's book shows different jungle
animals and tells you of their sounds.   There are seven different animals.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 How Animals Say I Love You by Michael Gordon
Colorful children's book about different animals and how they say I love you.
Very colorful pages on left side of the book and words are to the right hand pages.
The mother starts out by showing her child about a little giraffe calf and how he shows his mother they love her.
Elephant, deer, puppy, bear, pig, cat, and a calf are also shown.

 Pot pies & Casseroles In One book: A very easy-to-make dish for the whole family by Jennifer Lynn
Each recipe starts out with a title, prep and total time, list of ingredients and how to make the dish. Has servings but no pictures and no nutritional information. Yo might be able to substitute for your healthier dietary needs.
Nothing really appealed to me due to high content of fat and sodium.

 How To Cook Restaurant-Quality Burgers by Tony James Miller
Ths book contains lots of hints about equipment and ingredients about how to make the perfect burger.
The recipes include the title, the ingredients is for the burger, list of ingredients is  ingredients is for the toppings
and directions on how to make the burger and how to assemble the burger.
Not only is hamburger used but other forms of meats and poultry.
There are no pictures.
There is no nutritional information.

 Dump Cake Recipes: A Collection Of 26 Fast, Easy & Delicious Dump Cake Recipes by Jenna Jolan
This book starts out with what dump cakes are. Has notes on what to expect and to stay health conscious and how to substitute and use other items to keep them healthy.
If you don't have a cake mix you can always use other ingredients from your pantry.
Recipes start out with a title, list of ingredients you will need and how to make the dish.
Lots of different varieties to choose from.
There are no pictures and no nutritional information.
Free ebook gifts are included.

 DIY Doughnuts: 60 #Delish Homemade Doughnut Recipes (60 Super Recipes Book 28) by Rhonda Belle
Starts out with what ingredients you will need and equipment to make your own doughnuts at home.
Recipes start with list of ingredients and how to make them. There is no nutritional information and no pictures.
Not sure if you can substitute for healthier options...Some are baked. Quite the variety of flavors. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

CROCK POT: 500 Best Crockpot Recipes by Topflight Cookbooks
Talks about requirements of a good crockpot and has charts about cooking times and temperatures.  Lots of tips along the way.
Starts with breakfast dishes. Some can be made overnight.
Each recipe comes with a summary, servings, time to make, list of ingredients and how to put the dish together. Not everything is made in the slow cooker.
There are no pictures and there is no nutritional information.
Has a section for breads and sandwiches, Main dishes, Beef recipes, Pork, fish and seafood,  turkey, lamb, vegetables, soups and stews, other soups, showder and chili, barbecue recipes, side dishes, freezer recipes, appetizers and dips, vegetarian, desserts, sauces and condiments,  paleo recipes, vegetarian sections, and other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

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