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Awesome series: something for everybody: The Farm, series by Charles Anderson

The Farm by Charles Anderson
I had read book 4 in this series and loved it so much I went and bought the first 3 books and just now getting to them.
This story starts out with Josiah and his buddy Andy exiting a crashing helicopter but he doesn't make it. Carlson will still continue the mission and does on his own but doesn't find what he was expecting.
Later he's at his night job in the US at the ER and he comes across a few Saudi Arabia princes who have been beat up-they will be returning home now that classes are over for the summer months. Problem is his RN Lindsey will be going with him to the farm for 3 days and they discover something not quite right.
Thing is we hear Lindsey's side to the story also and Andy is clueless, so far but he knows things are not adding up.
Love all the technology, weaponry and discovering the hidden treasures at the farm. Love the history in this book about the area.
Lots of action, travel, adventure and romance and I learn so much about things I don't have a clue about. US and other countries are involved and he is gathering the clues to solve the mysteries

 Nuclear Farm by Charles Anderson
Second book in the farm series and am enjoying this one as much as the first.
Lots of travel, history battles studied to put into effect on their own farm-such strategies, high tech weapons, bit of romance mixed in with a mother who's a nuclear physicist, father who's a ER doc among other talents and a set of twins that at the age of 10 are ready for college.
Love that the same characters are still in place, 10 years from the previous book and this starts up where the other left off so you are brought up to date on the happening around the farm and town of Farmville, VA
Used to play Farmville on facebook and I can say it's nothing like this farm. Love caves and tunnels not to mention the toys and gold. Love hearing of how they are able to track down different components of this story.
I can see this actually taking place in todays world of oil and nuclear weapons.  Can't wait til twins are a bit older-next book coming up! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

 Blue Farm by Charles Anderson
Have read #4 and 1 and 2 so going to enjoy this one also.
Starts out with the twins and they are on their way to college, they bring their younger disabled brother Peewee along to get a feel for the campus.
Peewee is kidnapped and they have to call their parents, who call the CIA and FBI. Days later they return home to find things scattered about which lead them to their brother's body.
They talk and realize after seeing the camera pictures who is to blame. The twins are at college now and become friends with twins from Paris. Things become very intimate with both couples as they are learning about sex.
Story goes on following the twins as they experience sex at college and also follows the parents at home as other clues come in to help them understand who is after their family still.
Lots of very technical information about weapons of varying degrees. Lots of action, adventure, romance and travel and mysteries-something for everybody.
Sexual adult actions and discussions.

revised review 6/29/2017

Desperate Farm by Charles C. Anderson
Now that I've read this fourth book in the right order it's not confusing at all as others come to terrorize the family.
Tory and Nate reach out to the Carlsons for help when they discover what could be more warheads. The family gather and canvas the different GPS locations to find any clues.
The twins have gotten back together with the other twins but Ava is playing hard to get-you have to earn the right the talk to her after what was done to her.
Love how she calls the animals and all the travel and new places to explore. Also love the cave system where Precious is taking care of Caleb back home.
Lots of action, adventure, travel, romance and nuclear warhead mysteries and so much more-something for everyone.
Love the ending bittersweet and didn't see the Broken Arrow occurring, what a strategy and love how Ava manipulates others. Sorry to see the series end.
bought the ebook version although I have a signed hardbound from the author.

read this is 2/23/2015

Desperate Farm
Just into this book a few chapters and love it. Sorry I had not read the previous books but the plot is coming together as we are brought up to date. Characters are a bit confusing, feel like they are coming at me in tenfold and I don't know who is even on whose side.
So many mysteries, KGB, hidden warheads, relationships with the twins, nature and the outdoors really appeal to me. So happy to learn of all the new places we've yet to explore and new things: elk and the hunts, etc.
The family is on the trail to find the warheads that are pinpointed with lat/long #'s on Alex's map that the kids have inherited. Like the plot and how the author keeps the book moving along as we go from location to location and it does get linked along the way.
Descriptions of the trails and scenery are so detailed I feel I am right there with them. Love all the indepth things about just every location they travel to. A surprise ending, for me and love the fast paced military based action romantic read.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

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