Monday, June 26, 2017

books read June 26

This House is a Home by Phil Nork
Enriching and heartwarming story!
Last class assignment for the year and Pete has to find out about his ancestors and what better way then to go visit and talk to them.
Family, uncles and grandparents load up the car and lead to southern IL where other parts of the family live. Treasure the history of this one family and how it's portrayed to those of todays age.
Love how the author also explains what mining terms mean and how they were done.
Mining accidents and telling the time by the sun so much to this book.
Loved hearing how they use everything growing on the land.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Sweet & Slim Alternative Ice Cream Recipe Book by Rene Davis
Introduction about what's inside the book that are healthy.
Benefits of low calorie, low sugar, low fat and gluten free diets, each is explained.
Each recipe has a title, summary and the ingredients list of healthy things along with how to make the dish.
There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information but the ingredients are healthy.
Some of these need to use your ice cream maker machine.
Definitely a variety of options.

Air Fryer Made Simple: 33 easy and healthy recipes for everyday cooking. Products from Your nearest store only! by Patrick J. Underwood
Don't have one but know others who do so want to learn about the process.
Introduction talks about the technology of the airfryer.
Has basics and rapid air technology, and all about the parts of the fryer.
Few pictures along the way to show you.
Each recipe starts out with a title, color photo and servings, total time to make.
Ingredient list and how to make it. Also has some nutritional information but doesn't break down fat into good or bad. NO sodium levels and some of the foods are high!
Has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and desserts. Lot of the recipes sometimes don't give an exact measurement of the ingredient, says about so you have to use your own judgement.
Fish and chips dinner and vegetable balls would be my favorite. Lots of prep time for these recipes.
apple chips sound interesting and could probably be made in an oven.
Some recipes start in American measurements but also some only are using metric-in the same recipe. Some ingredients like caster sugar you might have a hard time finding.
What are 2 pieces of eggs? do they want the white part or yolk even? Free bonus book linkable.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.


German Cuisine: Authentic German Cooking for the Home Chef by J. R. Stevens
Interested in this book because the company my husband works for live and work in Germany and I have thought of inviting them to dinner when they visit.
Also husband's family is from Germany as well and I think a lot of her dishes made over the years originated from there.
Short introduction then into the recipes broken up into everyday categories.
Each recipe has the American name and then the German name, prep and cooking time and servings.
List of ingredients-I'm not sure where you can get most of them in the US and I don't think all of them are very healthy but you might be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Directions are also included but there are NO pictures and there is NO nutritional information.
Potato patties are similar to what we today make but we use low sodium products.  Potatoes and dumplings look interesting and I'd be using low sodium low fat broth and skim milk for the cream. Love just the simple recipe for the dumpling and one for potato dumpling, as I can put them in the electric pressure cooker and make them in the chicken soup we make or beef stew.
German spice cookies sound interesting in the fact it uses pepper.
 Like apple pie cake because it servings 2-4, just right size and i can substitute for healthier options.
Blueberry cake also sounds good but i don't think it's going to serve 40 people!
some of the recipes start off in US measurements and then are mixed with metric. not sure why.
German cookies serves 240? that's a ton of cookies for just using  2 1/4 c flour even though they are like 1 inch snakes cut into 1/4 length.
Other works by teh author are highlighted at the end.

The Navigators by Dan Alatorre
Not so sure I'm going to like this being that it's a sci-fic and time travel but will give it a chance.
Starts out where the group decide on the dig they will go to. Once there it's hot and they find themselves in a serious medical emergency because of a machine they found...
Like the adventure and action and bit of romance but the sci fic stuff is not something I totally believe in but makes the story...
Made it til the time travel, swearing present also.  Not my cup of tea.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

An Evening With Grandpa by Diana Matlin
Treasure the time spent with those who are older because you will learn where your life started and how it's shaped.
This children's middle age book is about Annie and she's home stick from school and can't go to the show. Grandpa has to babysit her so the rest of the family can go.
Few pictures. Grandpa has his own idea and reads her a story first to explain it all.
Great story about how chess is played.

Everybody Gets Angry by Noah Lukeman 
Cute children's colorful story of the times a child gets angry because they can't get what they want.
Very clear easy to read the words in black on a bright background of the page.
Also for every time the child gets angry, happy things occur also. Love the page showing all the angry times and then the collage showing all the happy times.
Other books by the author are highlighted at the end.

The award by Danielle Steel
Enjoy the author's works and know I will enjoy this one.
Starts out Giella and she's about to get the award. Chapters go back to when she was 16.
Rebecca came from Germany, Giella's best friend. The Jews are being forced from their homes.
One day she sees them take Rebecca's family and throw them into a truck and they disappeared. She tracks them down and visits and is able to talk to Rebecca and even gives her a coat with promises to come the next day.
She visits through Christmas and for many months later always bringing foods and clothes for the family.
Story tells what she had to do to survive and she ends up in the fashion industry.
Love hearing of the model world, travel, the art world and the places she visits.  Tragedies and there are happy times also from both sides of the ocean.
Really enjoyed this book and glad she went on with her life but went back to her past endeavors... Didn't like that the author didn't spend as much time devoted to all of her children...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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