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Books ead June 12

Poggibonsi by Dan Alatorre
Have read a cookbook by the author and his style continues on in this book.
Laid back, down to earth he got awarded the job of going to Italy for his work. He will take his wife and child.
Love all the details of how to pack, landscape and other details of the adventures. When things go wrong the whole day goes wrong in various ways.
Comparisons between different countries accommodations is enlightening.   Family vacation doesn't quite go as planned-he has to remain for business for several months. His secretary is faced with a dilemma and is being blackmailed so she has to lay low-have the flu..
When his associate gets deathly sick he's paired with a female, Julietta who is on his level and helps land the deals. He is able to find more adventures and new pleasures.
Like the male perspective because although there are details they are not girly girl ones. Love male bantering with one another.
Surprised not more chapters of the wife and daughter as they return home. Lots of twists and turns, very surprising how it all goes.
Hot steamy sex scenes and swearing. Reasons I like this book is because it's a romance, there is travel involved and I learned new things. Hilarious at times with words having a double meaning to the conversation.
Received this copy from the author and this is my honest review.

Christmas Gift for Everyone
5 chapter  the holiday. Monica missed her grandfather and it's Christmas time and her homework is to write a letter.
Hers will be to Jesus and not about gifts she wants. She does wish her grandfather was there to help her.
Her grandmother then tells her the true story of what the holiday means.
She is then able to finish the letter with what she really wishes for: a map for all.
Cute story, few pictures.

Baked Bean Recipes, back to basics: recipes for the savvy shopper by Liz MacGregor
An introductions about how to use a can on your shelf and about the health benefits of having beans.
Recipes are broken up into meals: breakfast, lunch, etc
Each recipe includes a title, servings and a list of ingredients which you should be able to substitute for a healthy option due to your dietary needs.
The Method of making is included but no nutritional information and no pictures.
Some recipes include a summary of what the dish is good for.
I think I would use my freshly baked beans rather than from a can so I can control the items that go into it.
Lots of ideas and interesting to find out the flavorings that go together. Treasure was finding a recipe for home made baked beans from scratch. Very flavorful to say the least.

If You Were Me and Lived on...Mars (If You Were Me and Lived in... Book 21) by Carole P. Roman
Thought I'd really enjoy this book and learn new things. and on my tablet I'm not able to increase the font size but just a bit by double tapping on the words.
I was able to listen to the summary as an audiobook.  Kindle app on my desktop works so I can increase the size of the font to read it. Problem is there are added spaces in words.
Starts out with a discussion of what to expect in the time it takes to get there, the time you'd have to spend there and why and the time to get back to earth.
Colorful pictures along the way help to show what's being talked about. Learning a lot about the planet Mars and why things are as they are.
The two planets are compared with one another and you can see the similarities and the differences.
Liked hearing about the discoveries. Like this series because it taught me so much about the planet Mars and was easy to learn with the words the author uses.
There is also a pronunciation guide at the end stating how to say the word and what they mean.
Can't wait to read more from this author.

Lazy Cook’s Guide To Making Good Food by David Duncan
Book starts out with introduction that describes briefly the chanters.
Recipes are very minimal and use only 3-5 ingredients. Basic techniques that you should understand.
Salt, is discussed in many forms and ways. Cooking along with a lot of tips for grilling, using a thermometer.
Chapter 2 starts with the recipes. There are no pictures and no nutritional information but you should be able to substitute for your dietary needs.
Recipe includes ingredient list of a handful of items, how to prep and cook and some notes included.
Like recipe for kale chips as I've tried a few and they've yet to turn out good.
No order to the recipes-not categorized and not alphabetized.
Lot to choose from but don't think I'd refer to this as a lazy cook's book because I know preparing meals is not a lazy thing to do.

Keyhole Gardening:An Introduction To Growing Vegetables In A Keyhole Garden (Gardening Techniques Book 7) by James Paris
Introduction talks about what keyhole gardening is all about.
Descriptive details on how to make your own and why.
Some pictures and diagrams along the way to help explain the process.
What I really like about this book are the sections on composting and how to do it and with what.
Also has signs that something isn't right and how to fix it.
Also really good section on what plants are companions and which to avoid planting near one another and why.
Section near the end talks about 10 different vegetables: an introduction, planting, care and harvesting along with other notes and some include how to store crops.
Also has a Q&A section along with highlighted section of authors other works.

The Tourist Trail by John Yunker
Starts out with Angela and she's viewing the penguins as they are going through mating season.
One is waiting for his mate and they know it won't return so he will find another next year. She is taking inventory of the penguins and the species there.
Alternating chapters and Robert is on his way to Buenos Aries. He has many nightmares about the ice and it envelops him til one wakes him on the plane.
He lands at the Argentina far southern parts at the research camp. He's an uncovered investigator and needs to keep under the radar.
Scenes go back in time to the present, alternating so you are brought up to date as to when they all travel together. Learned so much more about oil spill on animals.
Lots of action and adventure, mysteries and a bit of romance.
Like learning about the habits and habitat of the penguins, interesting facts.
Got this review copy via InstaFreebie and this is my honest opinion.

Breakfast Time on the Farm by Jeni Frontera
Colorful children's book that I listened to rather than reading. Starts out with a little boy who's going to spend the day with his grandmother and she has a trip planned.
They head to a farm where the boy will find out what some animals have for breakfast. He is always asking the farmer before they feed the animals if they will like what he eats.
He has to explain why they eat different foods. Like that it's just about 3 animals on the farm but there's other educational points you can use in this book. Counting and colors come to mind.
Got this review copy via InstaFreebie and this is my honest opinion.

Nuts: Every Family is a Little...  by A. J. Cosmo
Family visits the grandparents with their children and it's Christmas. Wally wants to open his gifts right away. Pistachio his sister wants to visit with the birds in the forest.
Few colorful pictures along th eway.
Other relatives arrive with their presents also to share in the celebration.
Wally has to help wherever it's needed while others are doing other things.
After dinner the presents are delivered to who they belong to...Wally does not get one and the grandparents take over after they figure out what happened and talk to him.
Cute story in the long run.

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