Thursday, June 15, 2017

Books read June 15

Perennial Gardening by Susan Hollister
Really enjoy this book because it has flowers that I grow every year. Some I was unsure of how to care for so I would just leave them in the ground year round and they do great.
Chop them all down to ground level in the late fall-after the first snow so stems can take nutrients from the soil to be able to come up the following year.
Love how some are spread in the air-that explains how one plant got way over to the other side of the garden.
Also listings of perennial vegetables-which I grow a few of, including lavender. Has a section on flowering bulbs and how to care for them. Herbs and grasses are other chapters.
Great resource book.  Wish there were pictures to accompany the item being discussed. Section on berries also. And a section on design and what to consider when making your template of the area you want to transform.
Section on potted perennials and how to plant them near something that will help pollinate them.
Care and maintenance is also discussed and what the important things about any perennial.  Bonus chapter is about when you bring them indoors.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Delicious Summer Desserts (Delicious Recipes
Each recipe includes title, list of ingredients, how to make and bake.
There are NO pictures. There is NO nutritional information and I'm not sure if you could achieve the same if you substitute for healthier choices due to your dietary needs.
Some tell you the servings. Book works for about 27% done then I can't go any further. Have tried getting it again to no avail, even tried on the tablet.

Next day it goes further but recipes are the same format.

Perfectly Precious Poohlicious by Mary Elizabeth Jackson
Colorful infant story of a child and why they are special and compares it to other things.
They are perfectly made and why they are.  Has songs and lyrics included.

A Beginner’s Guide to Patio and Raised Bed Gardening (Gardening Quick Start Guides Book 6) by Martha Green
Have been gardening for many years and usually find useful information. Starts out with the introduction and why gardening is beneficial.
Free herb bonus book is linkable and why you should grow them.  Starts out with how to accomplish growing them.
Compost, fertilizer, plants, soil, sun and tools among other things to start out.  Has listing of some herbs and tells you how to grow them.
Has a large choice of herbs and how to tend to them, arranged in alphabetical order.
Has a section on mistakes growing and how to fix the problems. These are mostly for container gardening. Next section is on raised bed gardening.
Goes over all the information you'll need to make one and what makes them different but beneficial as well.
Very extensive chapters about what to use for borders and why. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

100 Best Berry Smoothies for Fat Loss by Jennifer Lee
Starts out with an introduction and summarizes each of the chapters.
First is blackberries and it states the benefits, storage, preparation, then goes into recipes. Everything is fresh and low fat variety. Has a list of ingredients and how to make the drink. No pictures and NO nutritional information available.
Even though all use the blackberry there are a lot that also use fresh vegetables, making it very nutritious.
Strawberry is the next section with the same concept from chapter 1. You should be able to substitute the yogurt for a low fat content.
Blueberry is next followed by raspberries then cranberries.

The Blue Elephant by Jeffrey Quinn
Colorful children's story about a father who goes to Africa to see the animals. There is a legend that if you see a blue elephant you will have beautiful talented daughters.
He meets many animals along the way noticing what makes them different than all the other animals.
Each one tells him of more attributes the daughters will have. He searched high and low and magic happens.
Cute story.

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