Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dec 24 Books read

Merry Christmas Romance By Helen Scott Taylor
Won Merry Christmas Romance by Helen Scott Taylor in a book giveaway.
There are many books included in this one novel.  One story is free.

A Family for Christmas  By Helen Scott Taylor
Eve Scott was on her way to a meeting but the little lamb made her brake and the car landed in the ditch. She called to cancel the meeting due to bad weather and got a call into roadside assistance but they coudln't guarantee when they'd get a man out there.
She's in a remote country setting away from main roads but a tractor does come to her rescue-Tom Millington and she's found his lamb. She spends the night at his farm along with his young daughter Polly and the housekeeper. The next day they venture out and discover the car is totaled.
Tom and Polly go about their Christmas chores: getting the tree in the house and decorating it while Eve attends to her business via her phone as the laptop is broken. Polly loves that Eve is there and the female attention as her mother had walked out on them many years ago.
Even though the setting is in the English countryside and the dialect and phrases are English it's easy to follow along. Also with just the three characters it's a very easy going book to read.
Love that Eve wants to pitch in and help around the house with making a meal. Eve grows an attachment to them and they to her but she must leave to get back to her job..
When she's offered a new position she has to think what really is important in her life.


A Christmas Family Wish By Helen Scott Taylor
Rachel Carne just rescued her son Toby when the house collapsed into his bedroom. She could only think to call her father during the hurricane and he would summon Ian Harper as he'd know what to do..
She's got scrapes and bruises from climbing into Toby's room to rescue him and Ian has come to their rescue with a place to stay as the insurance won't even get to look at her house til after the holidays.
They will stay at his house til then and she must cancel work as an airline stewardess. An airline pilot sent in complaints about her-Gregory Barrett (my real life husbands name) about her and she had only been trying to set up visitation with her ex husband.
Ian runs his own business-fixing houses and he will get to hers til the insurance man stops by. He not only gives her a job at his office but gets her some supplies so she can continue her drawing-her husband had made her stop college and drawing..
Love how he takes care of her needs and she does things in her own way to care for all of them. Complications of his ex wife and their daughter together, Ella and Ian thinks the girl is being mistreated start to complicate Rachel and Ian getting to know one another again...
Love nature and how they use it for Christmas decorations..

The Army Doctor's Christmas Baby
Kelly Grace had agreed to her friends' Major Cameron Knight request-to sing a happy birthday greeting at the pub.
She was dressed in a swimsuit (it's winter) along with bunny ears and covered in a fur coat.
Colonel Sean Fabian had designed battlefield protocols for treating serious trauma cases and was world known as the best plastic surgeon.
She is an army medic and due to fly to Somalia after the holidays to help less fortunate children.
They become acquainted more at the party and after as he drives her back to the base. He's got twin girls just one year old.
She's agreed to take the job of nanny for 3 weeks til she leaves, by staying at his house and watching the girls rather than him leaving them in day care.
Liked hearing of the doctors work and how it can help others.
The story not only follows Kelly and Sean but Cameron and Olivia's child's birth.
They are able to share their secrets with one another and doubts that their relationship will continue.

A Christmas Crush  
Penny has a shop and is in love with Richard. Even when her sister Izzy married him but then she cheated on him and left.
Penny is confused about why he is in her shop with Madelaine but asking her to spend the day with them.
She calls to thank him for the CD and at the end tells him something and ends the call. After midnight she shows up at her door asking her to clarify what he thought he heard her say.
They both start each taking a turn so you hear both sides together.
So many misunderstandings over the years...
Other works from the author are highlighted at the end.
What I loved about the whole collection was the locale-I'm not familiar with the English countryside so it was interesting to read about as there are very many details throughout the books.
Also loved the Christmas traditions, some we do here in the USA, others I had not known of. Even the games the children play was a bit different but I can follow along.
Love the light romance and learning new things-words that used in England that made me look them up in the dictionary.
Glad I attended the holiday bash and was able to win these books as a gift.

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