Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jan 1 books read

Snow Day: Heart of the Storm\Seeing Red\Land's End (Harlequin Anthologies)
Love that this book has different authors, a few of them I have read and enjoy their work.
Heart of the Storm by Shannon Stacey
Tucker's Point, Maine. Delaney Westcott deputy municipal clerk and it's that last day to register vehicles...
The snow storm hits and power goes off, a little girl goes missing and everybody heads to the school shelter.
Delaney is one in charge and Sandy and her brother Brody who was just in town for a day bring the newborn, Noah.
Her husband Mike is out trying to find the little girl. Delaney and Brody hit it off again and others see them kiss....
Love how everybody pitches in to make it through the storm....Love time everybody gets to spend and talk to one another to resolve family problems.
Til Brody drops his family members at their homes he realizes what home means to him...
Seeing Red by Jennifer Greene
Whitney Brennan is back in town to help solve a mystery with a treasure that was found. Red was the town football hero and went to college on scholarship but after one game his whole life changed and he lives in Tucker's Point, Maine.
This is a continuation of the same storm as in the first book of this series just different others involved.
Little girl is missing and there is more information about that...They are able to spend time together and learn how their paths went in different directions.
He needs to show her what's in the satchel so it will help her understand the past ... He just knows she will be gone.
Land's End by Barbara Dunlop
Colton Herrington and his boss Rand are contemplating the spot where Tessa's ancetrial house is-on the waterfront and Colton pictures what could be there.
Rand thinks Colton wants to not only win the girl back but use the land for a resort.
Tessa with Emiliee's help for a few days unpacks the basement and puts things back hanging on the walls. It is a castle.
Tessa's brother shows up with hopes to sell the castle and land to the development company and Tessa finds out that would be her ex fiance.
Problem is the storm hits them fast and they have to hibernate in the castle, together.
Many more things occur that makes them see each other in a new light..
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

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